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Update from about 10 days ago, my husband is finally home from hospital following surgery for lung cancer. He had some set backs, but he’s home! He has a long journey ahead, but we are on it together! Xx

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Sending love and hugs xxx

Glad to hear your hubby s home from hospital. Wishing you both well and that his recovery goes well. X Rie

Hi Pleased to hear your OH is back home with you. Look after yourself too! best wishes to you both

Good news. Take care......of you both!

He is so blessed to have you by his side. I hope his recovery is swift and that you remember to look after yourself as well. Sending all the warm thoughts and best wishes for you both.

You must be so pleased to have got through this hurdle. Hope he just keeps on getting better and stronger. But do look after yourself too - you don't need both of you flat out in bed.

Nothing more to all those who have posted. Thanks for update and DO take care.

Wish you both well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery x

I wish him a speedy recovery from his surgery darling and hugs for you as well.xxxx

Wishing you both all the very best. Huge virtual hugs


Hi Jane - That is wonderful news.. Gentle hugs for both of you, and bless you for going down the path with him

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