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When a simple thing turns complicated !

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Put in prescription as usual and went to collect my lovely group of GP's are busy and had only added a new item and amended another and forgot to order other half. So wrong manufacturer for one (its not the drug but E103 which upset the tum.) So changed that then unable to get 1 item. So asked to speak to doctor in frustration as what's the point of being in social distancing if you have to trawl all the town chemists to get a medication. So easy solution ( it seemed to me) but obviously not to our nice but slightly --- receptionist to double the dose and either 1)halve the amount or 2) cut in half. , Try explaining that. Talk about that bloody virus I heard the recorded message 5 times instead of Greensleeves which at least you hum along too. Lovely doctor understood and did the repeat so off to chemist. All the staff being careful, masked and keeping their distance meant talking at arms length ok I thought I understand but are we expecting the Black Death?

So I decided if this virus is gonna get me I'm not worrying about Cholesterol, or even calorie count. So bring on the croissants for brekky tomorrow, with butter and jam, bring on the roast spuds and lamb chops for tea and I'm going to make a jam roll poly. Suet pastry works well gf four and suet do mix ok. And dare I say, I didn't do it but thought shall I buy a tin of Roses to chomp when reading one of the 5 books I bought. Thats it now social isolation beckons and the FaceTime is set up, and if you read of an elderly woman murdered by her really nice husband its because she nagged him into doing the jobs he's been putting off for years and hasn't done. lol

The paint is in the garage for the conservatory, the fence needs doing and the hedge cutting. Thats week one taken care of so jobs for week 2 .........

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Hahaha, I hope you are home now and relaxing whilst your husband is busy doing his chores 🙄

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medway-lady in reply to Mmrr

Got to laugh had a cup of tea and cold here today so staying in now. I'm not watching any more"news" its overload now. So no, no, no more Boris today, I'm watching Rylan in the kitchen.

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Mmrr in reply to medway-lady

I've really taken to ready, steady cook and Rylan really seems to have matured into himself. My guilty pleasure.

Don’t forget the whip in case he slackens off haha xxx

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medway-lady in reply to rab1874

Now that would pass the time ! mind boggles lol xx

Nothing is straightforward any more medway-lady. Should have bought the Roses - that's what I've been gnawing on this afternoon. Naughty but oh so nice. 😋

Yes so nice and who cares about cholesterol now ! I'm in 3 high risk groups CKD, RA, damaged lungs and can only get it once! so are they going to say and your cholesterol is a bit high ?I'm not blasé just trying to stand cheerful and sane.

Well you know the saying "A little bit of what you fancy does you good" although I have to say that they didn't do me any good, they just made me want more! 😋😋😋

Where did you get the tin of roses? Have you been hoarding them .... caught 😂😂😂enjoy

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medway-lady in reply to J1707

I did'nt buy one although wish I had and now added to this weeks Tesco order. Sainsbury's had them this morning. Obviously full price anyone noticed no more BOGOF offers everything full price.

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