PIP received my letter yesterday

I have been turned down for any PIP

I want to appeal and will see CAB this week and seek their advice.

I'm quite upset as they have made this decision on one assessment. I had a bad flare a month before and given a steroid injection a couple of weeks before so feeling a little better on the day of assessment.

I have reduced my work hours due to this condition. I feel very depressed since receiving this letter.

I just hope appealing will help.

I did photocopy my initial assessment so will take this to CAB and seek their help.

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  • Hi, sorry you've been turned down. Yup, it is a long and tortuous road with RA and claiming PIP....been there, got the tshirt etc! You need to persevere, don't give up, you are the expert on how the illness affects you. The CAB should give you all the info and guidance that you need, to take it to the next stage, which is to ask for a reconsideration. Have you got the NRAS booklet about how to claim PIP? It's a big help. Get as many letters of support from doctors/nurses etc. as you can. Don't despair, being turned down at this first stage is extremely common - it's not right, but it is the way the stupid system works.....so fight on, and good luck!

  • You are doing the right thing copy all your medical evidence again and any new evidence you can get hold of and send it them first you ask for a mandatory reconsideration it also help to contact your mp if you feel you have not had a fair assessment i have been there too and was successful but will have to go through it all again at the end of the year don't give up hope

  • Thank you Scotlass333 and Junebee it's very reassuring that I'm not the only one who's been turned down. I will persevere with the application. I have the NRAS booklet so will get all the information for the last 3 months as I had an ultrasound scan which showed some bone erosion last week.

    I work part time now reduced from 37.5 to 22.5 hours since diagnosis in January 2016. There is talk that HR are wanting me to reduce my hours further but I can just survive on what I currently paid. I'm a registered nurse working as a specialist nurse with little hands on. There is not much scope to relocate as my hands and wrists are mainly affected, although elbows, shoulders knees and feet are now causing problems these day.

    Fingers crossed

    Matilda x

  • Hi again Matilda, I was retired anyway before getting RA so afraid I have no experience of how PIP claims pan out for younger, working people. One thing I DO wish I'd done is keep a proper diary, like they show you in the NRAS booklet..... And the other thing is, the fatigue aspect. As we often say on here, no-one "gets it" unless they've got to live with it. And unfotunately it's not visible, so I do think 'they' tend to ignore it a bit. So if fatigue is a big issue for you, get your rheumy team to write it down loud and clear!! If you see what I mean! All the best.

  • Yes I would appeal and keep appealing until you get it this Tory government are a disgrace the way they treat people , hope you get on ok

  • Best of luck - I don't have experience of applying but others on here do. They know what they're talking about. ☺

  • I also was turned down for pip..even tho I had low rate dla for a few years ...it does make you depressed your right..but like many I'm waiting on new scans etc..and recently been diagnosed with ostioporosis hips and lumbar spine after havin RA for8/9 years...don't let them beat you like I will re apply soon...my assesor wrote she didn't find anything wrong with my muscleskeletor etc..yet was diagnosed soon after with the hips...so they don't know what there doin...good luck let us know how you get on ... I also am only working 16hours a week. .get in too much pain more than that.

  • I was initially refused DLA but appealed and was awarded low rate care but no mobility. When my mobility worsened I got in touch with them and I needed another assessment and it would be for PIP as phasing DLA out. Eventually someone came and assessed me (she was actually quite nice) and I was awarded care and mobility. What annoyed me a bit was that I applied in the February but it was September before they assessed me and they wouldn't back date it. Still, at least I got it I suppose!

    It's an awful way to treat people. Gather your evidence and make your appeal and good luck xx

  • I'm so sorry Matilda - Appeal seems logical. What confuses me about your system is that it seems to be one of those things where a single snapshot in time determines your entire future and that makes no sense to me. It's kind of like this Dilbert cartoon: dilbert.com/strip/1997-01-17

    Don't give up, and we are always here to vent to, although I know that only goes so far in what you are dealing with

  • So sorry you are having to go through this farce, Its so wrong what the DWP are doing to genuine claimants!

    I too had my had to go through a mandatory reconsideration (MR) after being transferred from DLA and I too contacted my MP who helped my MR.

    I supplied another letter from my GP and Consultant along with my lengthy letter stating all the in depth counter arguments to the DWP points decisions.

    It worked and I successfully had my award increased. Unfortunately I will have to go through the same process at the start of next year :(

    I know how it makes your RA worse but keep fighting them, they rely on us giving up!

  • Hi just chiming in very late as I did get some pip, surprisingly it isn't the mobility part considering I'm limping along,? I didn't want to go into it again to appeal as felt lucky and was in a bad place at the time, I didn't want to rock boat, Just glad they said it was until 2018,

    Mainly just wanted to mention I'm sure that it helped a lot by taking the strong meds with me and that I think, made it cut and dried. . .had got the 'big boys' from the doc, think gaberpentine was one and I've forgotten the other, Egan with an l. They were dated as current, I'm honest and the pain level is bad at times but to be frank I can't tolerate tablets such as these ! - helped a bit anyway as I had to cut my hours so much to allow coping with it all, Actually moved home now so feel I've paid quite a price all in all!

    Good luck

  • ....yes fully understand, frustrating! Having never missed a year of paying my contributions since age 15 it felt a bit demoralising when was a time of genuine help needed, The system had hit crisis, bad timing bad luck

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