PIP assessment again!

Hi guys and gals!

I receive PIP and after waiting over 30 weeks for the assessment etc I received a letter last August and back payment and my monthly payment expiry date of 2016. Last month I received another form to fill in! Strange I thought! So I rang them and asked if it was normal? She replied that they usually send the forms out up to 18months before the date of expiry!!. Yesterday I received an appointment to have another assessment next week!

Has anyone else had an experience like this!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!

Gentle hugs to all!!

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Hi Louise

Yes!!! I'm in exactly the same situation, I applied in Sep 2013 and finally received my award in June 2014, mine also expires in March 2016, in going through the reassessment process too...well trying to as I've had two assessment appointments cancelled by ATOS!! Good luck 😊


I'm so glad its not just me! Must be their way of keeping things running smoothly, or trying to!

Have you been assessed yet? X


No...not yet!! Had two appointments but both have been cancelled at the last minute...I'm receiving PIP at the mo but it's still very stressful having these appts cancelled. Did you see in the news yesterday about the people that went to court about their lengthy waits for PIP? Have you been assessed yet...keep us updated will be good to know how you got on...Good luck 😊 x


Hi sweetie, Just to let you know that I ve had my assessment.

Everything went OK (I think!!) She said that I would have a letter in about 4-8 weeks. So that's it! All out of my hands again!!

Have you heard anything yet?



Brilliant...I hope you get it renewed...will you let me know please? I've got my appt on 22/6...hopefully won't be cancelled again. Good luck 😀 x


Hi Louise

Hope you're ok....have you had your decision yet? X


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