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PIP Assessment phobia


I am 62 have RA which as you all know is okish one day and terrible the next.

I retired from nursing last year as it was all getting too much for me and as my RA progressed my GP spoke to me about claiming PIP. I did, then read so many awful experiences at the face to face assessment I chickened out.

Three months ago I attempted to work 24 hours a week in a nursing home. I failed. My knees and ankles let me down badly.

I have now re-applied for PIP but I am already anxious about the assessment.

Is there any need for my anxiety. Is there any advice you could give me to help.

Thanking you in advance.

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Have you looked at the benefits and work forum?

They have many posts from people having gone through assessments.

Personally I think everyone gets nervous because we all naturally try to carry on regardless and minimize our suffering in our minds so being forced to face upto the reality of how bad it can be goes against the grain and then being judged by someone else is soul destroying but you can get through it. Try to remember it's not a crime to be Ill and say it as it is. Pride won't help pay for help PIP can. Try and do a diary every day until assessment so it is easier to show how and when you are affected and in what way it stops you from achieving.

Hope that helps.


Hi. I received a very good information book about how to complete my PIP form from NRAS. This helped me a lot and even made me think of things that I struggled with and had never thought about.

You also get extra points with any equipment that you use. I got an Occupational therapist assessment first and got a bath board and kettle tipper. I also wear a hearing aid so this was added to my points.

I went to a local office and spoke to a very friendly and helpful nurse that completed the assessment on computer. So please do not be concerned.

I would advise you to get the information book from NRAS first, then get an OT assessment first. Then complete the form.

Good Luck


Brilliant advice, will get onto it. Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. The diary is a great idea. Thanks for the sound advice.

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I've got my PIP assessment next week and I'm nervous about it too... So following this post with interest.

Good luck with yours! :)


And good luck with yours. Let me know how you get on.


Like you I discovered I had RA at 62, had to leave nursing and retire, I also dreaded the assessment.

In my case I got as many supportive letters from GP and Rheumatologist physio etc. as I could and included them with my application, I don't know why but I never did have to see anyone for a PIP assessment. I had a phone call from them to ask me a few questions then surprisingly a letter granting me PIP at the lowest rate, it pays for a cleaner and occasional gardener.

My friend, who has claimed for her son for many years, helped me fill in the form really thoroughly always bearing in mind how I was on my worst days, no detail of how you are adversely affected by the disease is too small.

Please remember that after all your years of helping and caring for others, it's your turn to get some help now, you are not asking for something that is not rightfully yours.

Best of luck.


Bless you thank you so much. I will try and get as many supporting info as possible. Hope you are doing ok. x


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