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PIP assessment coming up!

Hi everyone,

Hope ur all well. Right work still a pain, been off for 2 weeks due to my knee pain, now gotta have another steroid in it to try and ease so I can at least walk on it!

Got my PIP assessment for 24th feb, only applied in July!!! How have people got on on there's and is there any tips that you could poss give me! Gotta bad feeling not going to get even though I get my DLA now.

What with the worry of this and work, Who I think are now going to give me a pay cut due to me asking for reasonable adjustments and going from shift work to days this last year to help me out and keep me working, they are now trying to force me back on shift, but I now believe they have something else up there sleeve as I said I would not do it!!

so all in all a little stressful at the mo which I know can make things exuberate symptoms wise. I will keep that one in my locker but I won't be played a fool for too much longer before I seek legal advice. I'm sure a large company who discriminate against people with disabilities will go down very well in the papers!! Eyes peeled everyone!!!

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What a lot you've got on your plate! Others will tell you how they got on with the PIP assessment, I'm still waiting for mine. However, I would suggest it would be worth trying to get to see someone at the Citizen's Advice Bureau beforehand to get some help with both the assessment and your employer - their help has been invaluable to me.

I hope all goes well - let us know

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I would only suggest you phone the help line for advice on your work position.

I had OH people who gave me lots of help and support regarding continuing in my job for 6 years prior to having to stop work after many surgeries.

Re the PIP assesment. I would say that if we all tell them exactly how it is for us in our daily lives then they will have the information needed to make a correct decision. Best of luck for your appointment.


Hi Antony,

Sorry to here that your having to contend with so much at the moment.

Definitely follow the advice re CAB advisor. Do you have Union membership of dome kind which could support you with work - my advice is do not attend any meeting alone but have a 3rd person with you, preferably a union rep.

All the best



Re. the PIP assessment, Benefits and Work are very useful.


Hi, I can barely walk at the moment and my social worker asked for an urgent occupational therapist visit for aids to help me at home that was last June she came for the first time last week when I rang they said I wasn't an urgent case! I applied for DLA when I was 59 and under investigation with the rheumatologist for a diagnosis waiting for test results etc. An inspector came I told him all that I couldn't do and he noted things down but they turned me down, his report barely resembled anything I said to him like that I couldn't peel veg or lift heavy pans that sort of thing. When the report came he had said I could cook a full meal starting from fresh veg etc and loads of other things! People said I should have appealed but my pride wouldn't let me. 2 months after I got all my results but by then I was 60 and wasn't entitled to the DLA. This country is going to the dogs. So, it seems that you have to exaggerate everything rather than be honest. I have a friend who makes much more of her problems than she really has and she got it. Of course now I can't get loads of benefits because I am over 60.


I didn't know you can't get dla after 60? Is this always been the case? Will mine stop at 60?


Yes it has always been the same however don't worry if you get it before you are 60 it carries on after forever which is why I was so annoyed that they turned me down. My fault I should have appealed but like I said it hurt my pride sort of making out that I was not telling the truth! Had I got my diagnosis at the time I would have got it but that was my GPs fault as I had been certain it was that for years but he kept insisting I was wrong and wouldn't even send me or do tests. Thinking back I should have paid for a private consultation. Now I am having to buy my own car one that a hoist can be fitted in and also buy my own powered wheelchair


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