Okay, pass me the scissors!

I had another painful day. I had to walk from the bus station to the garage to get my car. Came home and promptly fell asleep. Now I am wide awake, fingers hurt, feet are making me want to stamp (or cut them off, either will do!).

Blood test tomorrow, and next steroid tablet on Wednesday, not sure that I can take not been on them much longer. I have a scan booked for 3 October and Rheummy wants me off them for that.

Just taken painkillers and now laying listening to hubby snoring.

O help.

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  • Can I borrow your scissors when you are done with them? I too would love to cut off my fingers and toes. So bloody painful

  • Bless you darling.xxxx

  • I know how you feel ! I have the head phones on again listening to some mellow tunes through the night trying to think of nice positive things not easy with this horrible illness annoying me but we must be strong. A steroid injection would be nice :-)

  • I had a systemic cortisone injection- felt great the next two days. Then back to my painful normal.😖

  • Have just sharpened mine xx

  • I'm sorry to hear of your pain. I'm also listening to the radio through the night with earplugs to try and distract myself. Can you wear any splints or elastic supports to help? I had an awful summer and had to resort to a month of steroids to calm my inflammation in order to return to my job in September (in a school) which is a struggle already! Can you not rest up today? Hope you have a better day x

  • Oh I'm sorry you're in such pain. Sending you a big gentle hug 🤗🤗🤗

  • Hello. So sorry to hear all of you going through this. However there is some relief knowing that I am not alone. I too would like to cut off my hands and feet I have been awake for the last four hours which is the middle of the night for me here in Florida . I don't know if anyone else' has experienced this but it seems that the pain gets worse at night when I lie down in bed and it's so frustrating because I'm so tired I just want to sleep and that's when the pain flares up even worse than during the day . Waikane comes from RA, Raynaud's, and digital ulcers on 6 of my fingers.

  • I'm going to develop a wee guillotine that you can slip offending toes into and in one swift movement, take the misery away for ever.

    It will, of course, mean there is another pain in it's place, but as you know it will heal up in two weeks or so - you will know there will be an end to that pain. I think that's is better than an undefined time span of unmanageable RA pain.

    Perhaps a little gruesome, but it would work!

    When I nursed, I recall not being able to understand what RA patients were going through, but I tried to cater to their needs and wants. Now I understand. I so wish I didn't know...

  • I have actually cursed a few people in my life with getting a mild version of RA so they will start to understand what they have mocked others for ;-)

  • Not a nice club to belong to. I find that I am more patient with people on my bus.

  • You and your icons. Lol.

  • So often I just feel like I would feel so much better if I could just get a decent nights sleep. I tell my doctors that but sometimes I feel I am talking to the wall. Hang in there. Maybe you can take a nap.

  • A good night's sleep. That's a good one. Lol

  • Ohhhhh. I hope your pain meds kick in! Prayers for mercy.

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