Humour me

Humour me

Morning all. Here again confused again.

Honest opinions are my fingers swollen ?

Going round in circles. 2 nd opinion did not go well. Basically gone back to the old hospital. Been off work since Jan . Work, well organisational change cannot manage 7 am starts and no parking. My knees ankles feet and fingers been playing up. Fatigue a problem although better now not working.

Saw the nurse today she says no swelling in my hands. Had this before last time G.p had to give me preds a week later. Not that bad but takes a couple of hours in a morning to get them moving.

Just wondered your thoughts. Both Nurses have different opinions.

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  • That first knuckle looks a bit angry to me.....

  • Thanks helix that is the sore one

  • Quick message.... Both your fingers & wrist look swollen to me J. At my last nurse appointment she showed me where wrist inflammation is, it's below the wrist bone toward the hand. I can't see your wrist bone in the pic so that's what I'm basing it on.

    Speak more later. x

  • Thanks I feel they are. The right wrist pains me during the night.

    Good to know I am not totally imagining thinks.

    I have problems getting Totties am tabs in on her potted meat first thing. My fingers are more swollen then and stiff. Even more problem getting her to eat them though: ).

    Thanks nomoreheels

  • Yes whole hand looks swollen to me - this was one of my first symptoms but much better know -I found cooling the best. Hope gets better soon.

  • Oh my, your whole hand looks so swollen as do your wrists. I think your nurse needs glasses.

    I remember when my hands looked like yours and I will never forget the pain. Please get 3rd, 4th , 5thr opinion on your hands.

  • Oh bless you but that looks sore! I believe that nurse to be totally wrong. If that wrist, hand and fingers aren't swollen then I'm the queen of Sheba. I think I'd be demanding to see someone else asap. In the meantime a bag of frozen peas could be your new best friend. Big hugs


  • Thank you all for your support, it certainly makes me feel better. I was starting to think I was imagining it. The last x rays I had done in Nov apparently do not show any erosion only Osteo she said. She did say Dr may say all inflammatory osteo and stop all my Meds. I am on triple therapy. Now that scares me. Then she mentioned Psoriatic again which last Dr thought. Got an appointment with dermatology next month. So confusing.

    She has upped my mtx injections back to 25mg, done it tonight. It was reduced in Nov because I started vomiting. Found the coause after 5 months. It was the 1mg prednisolone. Thank you to someone on here I asked for gastro resistant and that cured it. Waiting for my knee injecting now, they never made the appoint for it I should have had in January. Got to wait to see Dr now beginning of June.

    Thank you everyone for your reassurance, much appreciated at the moment. Got decisions to make about work.

  • I agree looks swollen to me. X

  • Looks swollen to me as well. I also believe that we know our bodies best! I had both knees swell up and was in terrible pain. My hubby also mentioned that they looked very swollen. The Dr said, they did not appear to be swollen!! He injected the bursa of one help. When I saw my rheumatologist, he was very upset that my knees looked so bad. I told him what the other Dr (an orthopedist) said. So, I believe we must be our own advocate much of the time. If someone says it doesn't look swollen and you know it Is? I would say " I beg your pardon, I know what my body looks like normally". I have learned to speak up and tell any medical person that I know my body well. I have lived with it for 60 years and with RD for 40.


  • Do you know I think you are right. I get upset and feel vulnerable when I have an appointment. But you are exactly right and I will tell them next time.

    Btw she said no swelling but did increase my mtx dose to 25mg.

    Thanks for your positive response.

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