The 7 year itch!!

After 7 years of marriage i noticed a bit of spot excema under my eternity ring. Also my wedding and engagement rings were feeling tighter, so I removed them and carried on wearing the eternity ring. They're all platinum so couldn't see why they'd irritate my skin. Eventually that got tight too so I took it off. Now I realise that was the beginning of my RA: one minutes fingers are chipploatas, a couple of hours later they're jumbo sausages. 18 months on still not able to wear them, even if re-sized what size to go for as they fluctuate so much? I don't really mind not wearing them, it used to really bother my husband but not now as they're just symbolic at the end of the day and we know we're married.

So it got me wondering what other people have had to give up because of RA but it doesn't bother them too much

Hope you're having a good day

Ronnie xx

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  • I have had to take my wedding ring and eternity ring off and that was after 35 years of marriage, I cried my eyes out, silly me! Although my fingers have gotten smaller to the new treatment, I am still unable to get the rings back on the knuckle appears to have widen! My hubby went and bought me a new ring but it's not the same and I don't wear this one all the time as I would prefer my original one, even though it's old fashion to have a yellow gold now.

  • Hi

    Aaah you're not silly at all, 35 years is a major achievement so no wonder. What about wearing your original ones around your neck or if you wear a charm bracelet? They don't have to be just for fingers, we could start a new trend...............

  • Hi Ronnie my watch had to go. Could not believe how painful it was to wear. still can't. I have to use a nurse fob now coz can't stand not knowing the time xxxx

  • I can no longer wear my wedding ring or watch. I can never tell what size my fingers or wrist want to be on a day to day basis. Who needs a bit of metal to know they are married a after twenty years. The snoring from the person next to me each night reminds me. LOL xx

  • I can only wear my glitzy thumb my fingers are always swollen painful...and haven't changed in size in two years. I've put my diamond ring and wedding ring inside my special memorie box. I hope one day I might be able to wear them ... Wishful thinking....:-) I try not to look at my hands too much as they put me in a bad mood...x

  • I gave up playing my trumpet because of RA. I was given it by my husband and late mum about 5 years ago, before RA and before my mum died suddenly. Its been owned by a jazz man in Cornwall I feel sure as its quite old and battered but makes an amazing sound. I used to play when I was young and had ideas about playing jazz of an evening. I haven't played it since RA started for obvious reasons (fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders!) but I could try again now that RA is relatively well controlled. However my life is so busy that I don't know how I would ever find time - and singing has filled the gap in the meantime so I still have music. I hold onto it with a measure of guilt though but my youngest son plays and has a few years still at home so I couldn't face his amused expression now that I've got so far behind him!

  • Hi, my fingers do the same so lately I've been thinking about getting mine tattooed on so no need to have mine altered :) x

  • Hi Ronnie63 - about 4 years ago my fingers were so swollen and sore the wedding and engagement rings had to go. After a year I decided to have them re-modelled by a jeweller we know. I had them made for my right hand ring finger as my left hand knuckles are quite deformed. This has worked well and I am still wearing them in this way - same stones and gold. My left side joints seem to be more affected by RA than my right hand side - is this phenomenon just me? X

  • Hi hils

    My left hand is worse as well, which is Sod's law as I'm left handed, hadn't thought about wearing them on my right hand, so top tip! Thx

  • I had to give up my sewing and knitting. I have made a lot of beautiful christening gowns and can not do it now due to my sore fingers

  • Tilda glad you play the trumpet and do try and keep playing. I bought a flute to play just to keep my finegrs moving though can still play the clarinet.

    Rings I had to take mine off after 45 years of marriage and though 71 feel around 40. The dam pains make me older but in my mind I am not the age they tell me I should be. still teach tai chi and love it.

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