H.R. Called New Company Wont Employ Me. Mattcass

Hi All, Just had a call from my H.R. saying the company were sad to say that they could not employ me on medical grounds other words me being off sick long term and they having to pay me. Then H.R. asked me if there was anything in the medical report that differed from my interview, I told them what the GP had said about the transplant, H.R. will get back to me. Matt

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  • U need specialised help with this Matt, are u in a union, then call them today, and I still suggest calling social services, they may be able to co ordinate all this. Xxxx

  • Hi A, Sitting tight just now H.R.going to advice me.Matt

  • Good luck Mate xx

  • Whew, a difficult day. I know HR can advise you, but remember they are in the end employed by the company. I would definitely recommend you get some independent advice from a union or from ACAS or the CAB employment experts. And don't be pushed into agreeing to anything quickly - tell them that because of your medical needs you need time to think things through carefully. I was told to make a life-changing decision in four hours, but pointed out that this was an unreasonable demand to make of someone whose principal issue was brain fog and fatigue, so got an extension of time.

    Good luck, Matt.

    Dotty xxx

  • Hi Dotty Thank You, H.R. are a good bunch and they will involve me in any decisions they or management make and they are so annoyed at what.s happened.Matt

  • Hi Matt this is not the news you wanted hear. I can say CAB have helped me in the past.and members of my family. Always very sound advise. Wish you all best take care xx

  • How did it all go, r u ok?

  • Hi A, Sorry got Mark to pick me up early went home I sat and talked to Fran and Mark whatever the outcome is fine with them, then went in the gym suffered for an hour had a bath and just getting ready for bed could be a big day tomorrow.hope you have a goodnight pain-wise. Matt

  • Good luck , I am happy just saw Barry Manilow on TV

  • Matt, I am so so sorry for you. That is just heartbreaking, I know. But you know, you all have each other and things do have a way of leveling out to a bearable spot. Like others have said, take all the advice you can gather, lay it all out on the table and weigh all options before making a decision. I know you want to work, I understand that position all too well, but life can be so much better without the stress of getting up and going to work, or having to call in sick when you just can't make it. That might not be worth it. Colleagues tend to get tired of hearing it, and needing to cover for you, as I was told.. Keep positive, no matter what, think of the positives.. Blessings for you, Loretta

  • I agree with Dotty that you need to seek advice from a specialist employment advice service ASAP and the CAB offer a free service. You have rights in the workplace if you have a disability that makes it harder for you to do your job than the next person. I think it's something called 'reasonable adjustment' . Take care and good luck

  • Sorry to hear your news Matt, been on holiday in Balloch. Only just catching up. Good luck with HR.

    Hi to Fran tooo


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