I am so happy to say finally after starting prednisone (3 days ) I woke this morning without being in tears of pain. I still have pain but nothing like it was. Sure wish I got this med sooner. Started methotrexate yesterday and so far no issue happy about that. I must say I am finally feeling happy that I am on the right track to getting my pain free life back. I am so looking forward to be able to go out for a walk and enjoy the fall colours that are soon to come. This sure has made me realize simple task ( open a bottle water, getting dress, going for a walk, sleeping and many others ) are things I took for granted how grateful I really should be that I am able to do this and give thanks that I can.

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  • I'm so pleased that you now seem to have a more positive outlook Amanda.... all thanks to a little tablet! I hope others who are newly diagnosed & are struggling at the moment can take comfort that the meds we need to make us feel half human do in fact work more often than not.

    I'm taking low dose steroids & have flared near the end of trying to taper so my Rheumy's keeping me on them for the time being as they help keep my RD controlled so know just how you feel right now. The relief & independence they bring with the smallest of things is so satisfying isn't it?

    The world will look a brighter place with a rested body a good night's sleep gives & you'll be able to enjoy those wonderful autumn hues with less pain! Happy days. :)

  • thank you if I could kiss the person who invented prednisone I would more Debbie downer for me at the moment.

  • Good, & I've taken MTX for 5 years with very few problems in comparison. It keeps me upright & hope you will do well on it too. It often doesn't get the praise it deserves from those who find it most effective & because of well known side effects gets a bad press even though some the more common ones can be reasonably well tolerated, in my experience anyhow.

  • This all sounds really encouraging, i'm delighted for you! Fingers crossed you escape the vast majority of nasty MTX side effects and continue feeling so much better so you can start getting back on with life again! x

  • my hope to shelly after reading others who suffer so bad with the mtx however it is a low dose he did say he would be increasing it next month once he see my blood results.....I am just so deleted to not be in so much pain it seems like for ever since I can stand on my feet for more then 3 minutes without pain and the burn ....yahoooooooo

  • how many are you on fear? i am not taking 6 once a week,

  • i mean i am taking 6 once a week, lol been a long day at work lol

  • 5 this week then decrease one every week ....oh I am doing cartwheels...not really but

  • The relief, even just feeling a little less pain, must be wonderful! I've got everything crossed for you that you tolerate it well x

  • cheers to that shelly..thank you

  • Glad you're feeling better fear. I'm back on the old Pred at the moment. 8 tablets a day with 20mg Leflunomide. Waiting for my rheumy to check with my oncologist if it will be ok for me to go back on Methotrexate again, or if I will have to use a different DMARD. Don't really care as long as I stay mobile and pain free, without too many side effects obviously. xx

  • Great news! I call it my steroid holiday!! X

  • hahahah that is a good one...thank you

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