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Finally a step forward!


My Rheumy just called to let me know the neurologist has (finally) said my brain splots are nothing to do with Humira but doesn't want me to go back on it as I wasn't well at all when I took it - huge flare up and other side effects like fainting. I have a fridge full of the stuff (wonder if I could sell it down the pub, jk.)

So next step he wants me on Infiximab, I'll give it a go, got to take something and I'm running out of options! I'll also stay on the Pred more long term and the dose has to increase again if my eye starts getting worse - it is already playing up now I'm down to 10mg.

Not sure what to do with my sharps bucket and excess Humira, I'm supposed to be squeezed in for a chest x-ray next week and nurse visit, if they can get me in, so will ask then. Once that is gone there will be more room for cheese :-D


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If it had been valium you would have made a lot of

I gather people with RA in Greece have run out of meds.... But glad the splots on your brain don't sound as if they are worrying people.

I'm sorry it didn't work for you, isn't it frustrating?

On the drugs and sharps bin, when I stopped it I rang the people who delivered it to stop them bringing any more and they arranged to come and pick up everything I had left. I think you might also be able to hand them in to a local pharmacy or the hospital if that's easier.

Hi homecare at home took my unused Enbrel away when I had it stopped plus the sharps bin. They have to destroy it all, such a shame as I had only just had a delivery. I have decided to go with humira rather than infiximab, but seeing you mention fainting I'm now not sure.

Dogrose in reply to 2plus2

Don't take any notice of any of my side effects - I have all the rare ones! I'm a bit of a fainter anyway, I nearly fainted walking to work a while back, long after I stopped the Humira, just because I was in so much pain and had taken loads of codeine. xxx

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