Finally!!! A diagnosis

I have sero negative RA. They are starting me on Avara with extremely close monitoring due to my dodgy liver. They also think I may have a parathyroid problem adding to my joy so off to have scans for that as well some time when public health system decides. So after such a ;long wait I finally have some answers.Thank you everyone I am sure I will be back to ask questions about this drug it sounds quite awful from what they told me. great!

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  • I am pleased you have some answers

  • Join the club! I too have sero negative RA! And am on ARava, I have had no problems since starting it, indeed it really has a big benefit for me as it seems to keep the swelling down.

    So good luck, at least you know what mountain you are climbing now and there r so many good treatments out there now.

    Ps don't worry it didn't show in your blood, sometimes it just doesn't! My Rheumy treats me exactly as if it is positive blood result!!


  • yes that is what they said it may show up sometime..... I am very nervous about the drug especially with my history of adverse reactions to things and Murhpy's Law principle that my body seems to operate under. I have two weeks off coming up so I am going to start it then in the event it makes me sick.

  • Well cross fingers that you have the same positive experience as me! I too seem to react, be allergic, vomit and have diarrhoea at everything! So was glad ARava and Humira agreed with my system. Weird illness isn't it! Xxxxxx

  • I am living in hope that something will work and not kill me. Even prednisone made me so crook I had to stop taking it. It changes every day and from week to week. I am wel and truly over it and I have only had it for 15 months

  • Well as you both know from my recent post I can relate strongly to drug fears and being apparently useless at tolerating them all. I can't do steroids at all - they make me go bipolar and I start looking for the nearest cliff to jump off. So you aren't alone.

    I think its great that you have a diagnosis at last and as Allanah says I wouldn't think much about the sero negative part. It doesn't seem to count for much really. I'm sero positive officially but frequently manage to convince myself and all those around me that I don't have RA at all! I'm hoping very much that everything will be smoother sailing for you from now onwards. X

  • Hiya,pleased you've got some answers & they can start treatment. Hopefully your start to feel better soon. I'm sero-negative too, I think that's why I've told only a couple of people just maybe they've it wrong!! X

  • Hello, Really pleased for you that you've finally got a diagnosis! X. Oooh I've just read Polly's comment and thought I better edit mine! I didn't mean I was pleased that you've been diagnosed of course not!.... I meant pleased that you now know what you're dealing with and have started to be treated for it..... I will shut up now ;). Good luck with Arava xx

  • welcome to the sero negative club x

  • Yep -I'm sero negative as well!

  • Me too.......

  • seems there are a lot of us around.

  • It always seems a bit weird to congratulate someone on getting a diagnosis of RA, as it's not exactly something to be happy about. But I know that finally getting a diagnosis (I'm sero-neg too) was actually a really big step towards me being able to manage this disease, so hopefully you'll now being able to move on as well. Arava is the same as Leflunomide isn't it? I've never had it but seems to work brilliantly for some, and I've certainly gone from thinking the drugs are evil nasty things to feeling all warm and fluffy about my MTX as it does such a good job of controlling my RA - so hope you can think some positive thoughts about starting the drugs too. Polly

  • I'm not glad you have RA and that it is Sero negative but I am very pleased that you now know what you are dealing with and they have finally started treatment for you. As others have said it does seem weird to congratulate someone on their diagnosis but I can honestly say I long for mine (my GP believes I am sero negative too)

    Really hope the drug they have given you helps you and please keep us posted with your progress.

    Gentle hugs and warmest wishes, JoJo xx

  • Thank you everyone. Yes I know what you mean about being happy, so strange to be happy about having RA. I start the drugs tomorrow so I will keep you posted. Had a tooth out today as I was worried it might go bang when I start the drugs so decided to get it pulled. So funny everyone at work was horrified that I came to work!

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