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I have done it!!!!!

Hi everyone

I have done it

I had a meeting today with HR, Ocupational Health, my manager and my supervisor. The following has been agreeded.

From thursday of this week I am moving onto Admin comming off transport planning. My hours will be 9am to 5pm with option if I feel bad I can ring in and come in later. I will have a 15 minutes chill time in the morning and 15 minutes chill time in the afternoon. All I will be doing is the scanning, booking in of loads and updating all the processing.

This will carry on for 6 -8 weeks whilst my cimzia takes effect and whilst I am feeling really crap. It has been recognised that I am disabled and need understanding and help to work through this really crap time I am going through. Afer this point my situation will be reviewed.

Warm clothing has also been supplied - a thick body warmer and warm gloves

It has also been agreed that I need understanding to be able to sort my husband out whilst we sort out the medication and care he needs.

I am absolutley elated - I cannot believe that I managed to stand up and be counted. I have a long hard road to walk down but it now looks ever so much brighter

Many thanks once again for all of your help and understand whilst I was moaning and groaning

Susanh xxxxx

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Oh well done Susanh that's wonderful news I'm so pleased! It goes to show that if you spell things out clearly and strongly enough it pays off - which is a good message for all of us to take on board - it's easier doing it for others but hard to do it for yourself I know. You never moaned and groaned as such - just spelt out how dire things were for you and your husband. That's what HU is here for! TTxx


As the song goes the only way is up!!!!!


Hi susan

Well done, I am so proud and pleased for you.

If this suits you better, then I would push for this as a permanent change, providing that the position is available. Leave it for a month to 5wks and then start to make noise then.

Hope the cimzia works for you and that you are better able to help hubby.

Take care and well done

Sci x :)


Hi Susan

Really proud of you- i knew you could do it.I hope this will make your life a lot easier now

Julie x


I a msure it will do many thanks for all you comments and help xxx


Well done Susanna, hope Cimzia does the trick, sounds like your work on the ball and value you as an employee.

Good luck, Gina.


So far so good next injectio is on saturday on my own this time with out the nurse

I have been told that I could go down to 28 hours



Well done!

Hope these hours etc work out much better than previously and fingers crossed cimzea works well for you x


thank love and hugs xxx


Oh well done Susanh, you must be feeling so proud of yourself, it's a massive confidence and self worth boost.

Congratulations on being so brave and hope the future is bright for you.

Good luck in your new role.

Beth xxx


well done , how nice to hear that there are some good employers out there who are able to make adjustments for you. Make sure you have those 15 min breaks though as sound like you are still doing alot of hours. Cimzia has worked wonders for my pain and stiffness but not much for the lethargy so do make sure you pace yourself- well done a positive that we all need to hang on to!


Oh yes If I can do so can everyone it just takes courage


Aw Susan, I am so happy for you. What a relief to know your work is not lost, they must highly value you, to offer to accomodate you. Best of luck be with you always. If you want, I hope they let it be a permanent arrangement. Love and hugs, Loret xxxxx


fantastic news well done xx


So do I - they have indicated today that I could go down to 28 hours per week happy days xxx


Good for you! I think you are so strong and that must be such a relief for you all. Onwards and upwards, After all your worrying it must be such a relief . Hugs Axx


oh yesss thank you very much your comments mean the world


it's easier doing it for others but hard to do it for yourself I know.


yes it was hard and it it is not over yet but so far so good


Well done!!!




I think you are so strong and that must be such a relief for you all.Good luck in your new role


bad day today - my joints are all on fire and I am so tired. My supervisor let me go home early ans physically put my coat on me. So yes progress at last



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