I have moved house !!

Here I am again, I just can't stay away :))) I regularly read the messages and comments through my email, but rarely add my thoughts. Apart from coping with my own RA health issue's, I have lbeen my husband's carer for a few years. He is an amputee and a dialysis patient, and we have lived in South Northamptonshire for many years. But, not any more !! We moved to South Wales in May, and now live near our son and family. Apart from the added benefits of the help our family are giving us, we have been able to get some much needed help with Ian's personal care and a bit of domestic help for me. So, by the time the evenings rolls around I am not so exhausted, I might actually join in with a thread of conversation from time to time instead of just reading through a few posts. Take care all. June xx

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  • Congrats on your move-happy days!xx

  • Oh yes, we all know where we are all going for our hols now, don't we everyone, I love Wales but I can't quite eat a full one, So when and where are your children moving to? If that's still in Wales either north or south because we can all go and stay with then, maybe on the way to or from yours. I don't eat much, just a small baby whale to see me right for the whole day. Well what do you say Petal?

  • Congratulations on your move, sounds as if you should get a lot more support now! Hope it continues to go well. Wales is a beautiful country, best wishes for the future. M x

  • Hello there, thank you for your warm welcome back to the fold. Yes you are right, it's so good to have some support from the people who know us so well, the family. And yes, you are so right about the beautiful countryside in Wales.

    We lived and worked in Swansea over 20 years ago and we loved it then, only a family tragedy took us back to Northampton. But, here we are again. There's lovely.... Take care, June xxx

  • Hiya June, long time no see! I'm sure you'll be happier being closer to your family, it can make such a difference having support nearer. Sounds as though you've plenty help in place, I'm sure it's better for you you both. We have friends in south Wales, up a blinking big hill, the Kimin.

    Hope we see more of you now you have a little more time. x

  • Hello nomoreheels,

    There's more than a few blinking great hills in Wales, isn't there ha ha. I love it here, or I should say, we love it here. Our son and the family have wanted us to live nearer to them for a long time. They are extremely helpful and good company, and we do little things to help them too, like being here for our grandaughter when she comes out of school, which is a stone's throw away. We're learning how lovely living nearer to family can be. Yippeee.........

    Take care, June xxx

  • Hello June. Please join in a thread or two. The more the merrier!! Enjoy your family :)

    Talk to you soon


  • Hello Sue, what a nice welcome back into the fold :)) Yes, I would enjoy getting involved with a thread or two. Thank you. June xx

  • Are you anywhere near Caerphilly? We have a local NRAS group meeting every two months (next in September) 2nd Saturday from 9.30am at the Library. You would be welcome. There is also a group in Swansea.

  • Hello Oldtimer,

    How nice to hear from you. We are living in Llantwit Major and although we have been to Cearphilly many years ago, I can't quite place where it is in relation to where we are, But, I'll have a look at a map. I would love to meet up with you all. I hoped there might be regular meetings in South Northants where we have just moved from, but it never came about.

    Many many years ago we lived and worked in Swansea so I know that it's about an hour's drive from here. Caerphilly is nearer I would think. I have made a note of the info you have given me, thank you for that. Xxx

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