Update on first mtx and a big thank you

Good evening everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

I just wanted to update you on having taken my first dose of mtx. Without the responses I received in here on Monday I know I would not have gone through with it yet again but with all your help I managed to bite the bullet and am glad to report so far the side effects have been limited to a fuzzy headache. I had an appointment with my GP yesterday as a follow up from seeing the Rhuematoligist last week and I became quite emotional but with her help i realised that it is a big deal to come to terms with this diagnosis and along with maybe the steroids making making me emotional I need to not be so hard on myself. Anyway she has advised I take a little bit of more time before I go back to work...Just to get used to this medication. So I intend to follow that advice and chill out a bit and just wanted to say am so glad I joined in monday and to thank you all again.

Sharon 😀

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  • Well done it's not easy coming to terms with all this. I hope you feel better soon.


  • Hi Trish and thank you. Feeling better mentally today​ already....Fingers crossed meds work and I'll just have to tackle all this one day at a time I suppose.


  • Your very welcome. I've been taking MTX for four years now and never had any problems. Hope all goes well for you.

    Take care.


  • If we ever do come to terms with it Trish,at times i am not sure i do.xxxx

  • Not meaning to be rude and butt in, but have you planted your dahlia's yet Sylvi?

  • Not yet darling,not until May when the frosts have finished darling.xxx

  • You still have frost? Yuk.

  • Yes we got up yesterday morning to one,not severe,but enough to tinge the leaves of my tomato plants.xxxxx

  • I love tomatoes, sorry to hear about your tomatoes. Our nights are between 7-10 C

  • They have survived darling and hopefully the frosts will soon go as it is nearing the end of April.xxxx

  • Maybe we should notify Shazz10 about this odd gardening side effect of mtx? We seem to suffer from it. :)

  • I wondered what you were saying to start with now reading it again i have cottoned on to what you were saying. Brain fog is to blame darling.xxxxx

  • It's not you. It's my quearky sence of humour. :) But there should be a warning about dahlias if you take mtx. lol

  • Ha ha ha,and any other plant that needs going into earth and needs looking after.xxxxx

  • I'm also going to start a white garden. I saw a documentary on Sissinghurst's white garden....not as big though...

  • Oh no...Not another side effect I need to look out for! !😉

  • Come join our competition Shazz10. What city grows the best Dahlias? Is it Bulkington, Coquitlam or.?... (psst, what is the name of your city?)

  • Errmmm had to actually Google Dahlia to see what it was! Don't think I'd be any good in your gardening comp! An interest in gardening would be a welcome side effect ...At the moment don't know a weed from a flower...I was once asked by my then husband to pick a bunch of flowers from our extensive garden(all his work) for a grave and apparently included weeds and parsley! I'm in Ireland ..Co louth..Nearest city Dublin.

  • :) Love your sence of humour. I hope Sylvi doesn't know the difference between a dahlia and a weed...fingers crossed.

  • Wrong young lady i do know a difference between a weed and a dahlia. Shazz you can soon learn darling it is not hard.xxxxxx

  • Hi Shazz10 - I am an herbalist, and I had to laugh at your post. Almost every single weed someone points out to me or fusses about in their yard is actually a wonderful herb, like plantain, mullein, chickweed, etc. Thanks for the chuckle!

  • Don't panic Shazz. There is an age thing to be factored in here and I don't think you're at that stage yet

  • Did you hear the weather forecast last night ( Thursday) Sylivi?

    It said getting colder over the weekend with possible SNOW!

    I'm emigrating to somewhere with sensible warm weather!

  • CAn't wait for summer to come.xxxx

  • Ever the optimist Sylvi!

    Call me a pessimist, but I'm not packing away my thermals yet!

    But walking around the garden nurseries I just can't wait to start planting ( or watch some else) all the summer flowers!

  • Well done shazz. As Trish said, it's not easy coming to terms with things and tAkes a bit of time to process. The medication we need to take is quite heavy stuff and apprehension around this is entirely normal.

    However, as others have advised , Mtx can be extremely effective when tolerated. A fuzzy head may be a good indication that you may tolerate it well - clearly it is very early days tho!

    Brilliant that you've made a start and I genuinely hope your road to recovery is as gentle as it is swift!


  • Thanks Marie...And yeah I hope my recovery is as gentle as it is Swift also. Still I suppose I have to be open to every possible outcome. Getting better educated about everything and the support available here has already calmed me enormously in this whirlwind I've been in the last couple of months.

    Thanks so much for your support.

    Sharon 😘

  • That's very good advice from your doctor to hold off on going back to work yet. I'm glad this group helped you get over the fear of mtx.

    Onwards and upwards to getting your life back

  • Oooh. Shazz10. Forgot to mention it earlier but if you enjoy a good blast of ginger there is an Australian company that sells some amazing preserved ginger. Its not crystallised with yukky sugar and really lovely to nibble on. I buy mine from a company based up in the lakes (better not advertise). Easily found on-line they also have shops.


  • Cheers for that Jan. I'll have to check that out...Though so far I've no nausea but my 'mild' addiction to ginger biscuits definitely does need addressing so this could be just the thing!

  • One of my best friends from school emigrated to Australia and is now the safety officer at a well known ginger factory in a small town called Buderim...

    True story 😀

  • Well, blow me sideways!

  • Thanks so much Suzanne..I appreciated your support and info on Monday and again today. I hope you are well this evening xx

  • Week one is the worst. It will get easier from now on, and each week is one week closer to having the pain and inflammation go.

    Steroids make me totally loopy. Wonderful things for taking symptoms away, but at a price!

  • Hi helix...Yeah steroids seemed like a miracle as the pain went within hours but oh what a rollercoaster emotionally..

  • As everyone has reiterated here you are in good hands. It is daunting, I started mtx in December 16. It has since increased to 8 tabs per week as my diagnosis was a positive CCP. I have learnt to accept I have RA and I need to take the medication or face joint damage and being unable to walk. It is simply my new way of life. It is all going to be just fine, don't you worry. 😊

  • Methotrexate is a drug I do not miss! I was on it for nine months...felt like crap....did nothing! Went on the anti-inflammatory Paleo diet. No drugs, no more feeling awful. I've tested negative for lupus for 2 years!

  • There is a lot to learn about alternative treatments diet, LDN, suppplements and antibiotic treatment with minocycline that have all good results and do not tax your body. Like Triscichick I am also controlling my RA with AIP elimination diet LDN and supplements, there is actually quite a number of us😊It is always worth looking into when choosing your treatment. Dietary modifications and supplements to support your body can also help with the side effects of meds.

    There are many of us on this forum with knowledge about dietary modifications and supplements and I am sure we would all like to help you to learn more about the disease and how it effects you, since there are so many different forms of Ra and we all have our individual stories. Good luck. Do tell us how it goes👍🏻😊

  • Thanks Simba and trisichick. I would really love to know your thoughts on diet. I wasn't given any info on this by my rheumy other than to monitor what I think may contribute to pain. And not to be tempted to cut out any food groups. I suppose it's early days and​ would hope that mtx is not too taxing fir me and actually will work but am overweight anyway so need tackle my diet for that reason also but really don't know where to begin with what would be beneficial to my RA.

    Any info or this you have send them my way when you get a chance.

    Update on mtx...Doing good so far..Very tired for first couple of days and recurring headache but have a but of a spring in my step today... Enough energy to tackle the housework! Exciting stuff!

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