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Is It Me Or Is It The Weather, My God I feel Awful !!


I am really having a worse day than the everyday today, I was really exhausted yesterday (Friday) and kind of took it really easy, Today I slept really late till 3:00 p.m., I have been hurting all day, it was too late to take my 12 hr meds, so I took a temp pain pill, But I am having the worst joint pain, and (how can I describe) Creepy, Craw-lies, all throughout my muscles almost, like it feels like its travelling all over my body, and through my blood But it HURTS ( If that makes sense) I have been on my MTX as well as many other drugs,

the MTX for 6 to 7 weeks now. Anyway Our weather as I am sure u know has Been Crap and Cold, and I am really rough, some of the pain is agonizing, and some constant. I do see my Rheumy Nurse on Monday, Thank God, I hope she has some help or answers, I was told that for Fibro, the burning and tingling and numbness this is normal, But how do they expect you to live with this kind of Pain, It is horrendous. And now being able to get up or out of bed without falling, or tripping, God I am not a very happy Bunny at the moment and I have tears now I am writing this. Just wanted to Vent, Hope all is well with everyone, and Your days are better each new one we are blessed with

((Hugs n Kisses)) Lisa

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Lisa vent all you like, i sometimes felt if i had a rant it made the problem easier to bear. The support is there for you and i know i won't be the last to support you. I will be down there next week so we can have a chat. Tell your rheumy how you feel and if it helps write it all down. Love sylvi.xx


Hi Lisa,

As Sylvi said, I hope it helped to write it down and get it off your chest. I'm sorry you are feeling crap just now, hoping the nurse will help you out on Monday.

Hugs from Mary x

elrose in reply to Hidden

This site is a blessing for being able to vent, those in our lives whilst well meaning rarely understand just how low you can get and the effect of living with varying degrees of pain constantly. Here you're among friends who 'luckily' know just what you mean. Hope your trip to the nurse gets you some relief. Be well Elrose xx


Hi Lisa,

It's hard enough to cope with the condition without having the rotten weather on top of it isn't it? A little bit of sunshine warmth on the bones makes such a difference. I have only just joined this site and find the support invaluable already.

Take care. It's miserable for you now and seems impossible to cope - and yet we do. Keep strong. We are all wishing you well. Judyxxxx

I am sure it is the weather. I am always in far more pain and discomfort when there is moisture in the air, whether that is rain or humidity in the summer. My arthritis has been awful recently and yesterday I could hardly walk for the pain in my knees and feet. I even wake up in pain after resting all night.



I agree with Joan a lot has to do with damp weather. I sit with a hairdryer beside me and when sore put warmth from dryer on painful area. Have been in pain all ;last week. My muscles are twitching with pain. Hope you feel better soon.

I've just had three days off work because everything hurts,I couldn't even stand to have the bed covers on me at night because they felt like they weighed tons and hurt. Haven't been getting to sleep till daybreak. So sympathies to you. It's bad when things make you feel like that.

One of the best things is being able to write on here and read replies by people who know EXACTLY how you feel. It makes you realise you are not as isolated as this disease tries to make you feel. Hope you feel much better soon. ((((hug))))

Hi Lisa,

being on this site makes you realise others are having the same feelings as you. Interesting to see how many other people have the pins and needles and muscle twitching. When I saw my rheumatologist recently I mentioned to him about it and he told me it could be my circulation or diabetes(but my diabetes is well controlled). Awaiting nerve conduction tests now. Have found this site good to vent feelings.

Takes care


Venting is good for the soul (and stress of RA!). I've been spoiling for a fight for all week cos I'm sick of this weather. As well as my mood, it does affect pain and inflammation so I just take more paracetemol and take the Naproxen that I don't generally take all the time. today I went for a long walk with hubby and then we did some light gardening as the rain was holding off and every now and then it was blue sky and sunshine! But going grey and miserable again now!

Hang in there and gentle hugs to you.


This site is definitely a good place to vent how you feel. You know it's going to be read by people who truly understand what you are going through.

I find the weather definitely has an effect on my RA, although for me it tends to be when the weather is changable - when we have long periods of cold, damp weather or hot, dry weather it seems to settle down, but when it's chopping and changing between the two (like it has been lately) it flares up. The more extreme or rapid the change, the worse the flare seems to be.

I always keep a close eye on the weather forecast, and try to plan around it.


Lisa, the best way to manage pain is to stop it before it takes over. Stay on a regular schedule with your pain meds...every 4-6 hrs, however it isd written, and don't wait until you get in that awful stage, because it takes and hour and a half for pain meds to begin to make a difference. Best to stay ahead of the game! My Rheumy told me this many years ago. There have been times I have been away longer than planned and didn't take any with me and I really suffered when I finally got back home. Good luck! loret

Sounds like the day I had yesterday. Couldn't get out of bed 'til 3pm after roaming the house in pain until 5am :( I just keep telling myself that I've been here before and it does go away. I've just joined this blog and it really helps knowing that you're not alone.

Hello Everyone, Thanks ever so much for your concerns and feedback and lovely words of wisdom, I saw My rheumy nurse yesterday, She did a full check again, I was disappointed that she didn't examine my knees and ankles and toes, But I did make her aware of the weakness, and I had to fill out a form as well as to difficulties with this n that, we did discuss a lot, They are increasing my Mtx every 2 days, Wed nights are my MTX night, so now going up and working up to 15 mg, and if okay with that then 20 mg, and Folic acid everyday except MTX day So I really hope I do well with these quick increases, we did discuss if I did have a hard time with the pills the option of injections, She seemed quite gentle, Yet still Clinical, and when I did tell her of my dilemma regarding trying to get some meetings of support closer to where I live than Falmouth (as I am sure I am not the only person who could use support meetings) she did not really have any suggestions, she just acknowledged she understood my frustration, She was happy to hear that I have been using this site, to keep in contact with people who share my concerns, as well as understanding Theirs, Whats that saying, "A problem shared, is only Half a Problem"

Anyway, I will keep on this, I will be seeing my GP again, also I hope that I can get more suggestions with the NRAS re some meetings, Also, Maybe I will get someone on this site that I may find are closer to Me in St Ives, maybe in the PZ, Hale, even as far as Truro I mean it is a start.

Well For a change it is Sunny out, I woke only an hour ago, really stiff and tight this morning, going for another coffee, Hope everyone gas a better day, than their last bad day,

((Hugs)) n XXXX


yep i hate the weather changes damp this morning in manchester.

got up mad a brew had a fag why not

sat down on the computer and ached like hell

which it would warm up a pit cant feel it then till night time

my ribs ache today its like ya bones and ligaments have given up on you and typing your shoulders hurt.

hey put im going for a swim when i can get me arms on the right way round

anyone on here get slight groin pains with their rumi when walking id like to know this

regards john

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