Knees bent arms stretched rah rah rah

Had my first physio today for my left knee. As is the way with appointments it wasn't hurting much so conclusion is that it is inflammation from the RA rather than muscular, it feels better as my flare is over

Got some lovely exercises to do and next week she's putting me on a bike, I haven't been on one since I was a child, really looking forward to it as on holiday they have morning bike rides so who knows what she Might have started. Am a sedentary creature by nature!!

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I was such a sedentary person when RA started but now I do zumba a few times a week and try to work out every other day. I think it's a brilliant way of keeping joints happier and muscles strong enough to support them but it's been a case of slowly building up to each exercise for me and it's been life changing too. When I first went to the physio she told me she was shocked by the swelling in my knuckles and fingers and the small range of motion I had with my wrists so when I see her now I feel I've come a very long way and it's great. It's my compensation for the drugs I'm putting into my body every day and I force myself to do it otherwise I start feeling stiffness returning with a vengeance. Have fun on the bike Ronnie!

Tilda x


Thanks Tilda. The hand therapist I saw last year was very good, I do most of those exercises sitting in traffic. My hands are so much better as a result. As you say just knowing how to protect as well as exercise your joints is very empowering with this disease

My job is very sedentary, lots of meetings etc but I do get up and walk around (at least to the kettle and back!) they have Zumba classes where I'm going on holiday so maybe a little shimy is in order.........xx


Oh that sounds promising but be sure to warm up first and opt out of anything that looks too hard. The good thing about zumba is that we can do it in the spirit its intended - ie dance along as we can! My job, an artist working with embroidery/ hand stitch, is very sedentary too. I agree with Summer - your physio sounds most impressive. Mine gives me 30 mins at the very max. Tilda x


Gosh your physio sounds good.. I got ten min and a sheet of exercises to take away x


Hi summer

I know, I was expecting half an hour but was in there for an hour and a half. She looked a my feet, both knees, posture from the front, side and back, thoroughly examined both knees, asked loads of questions and got me to try different movements before reaching her conclusions. She got a left knee joint out and showed me what could happen and what she thinks is happening. She also told me my left arch tilts a bit so gave advice about footwear. The exercises are pretty varied. I'm sure the next appt will he about half an hour as there's no assessment to do this time xx


I too have a good physio, not up to bike yet but Bakers cyst willing starting hydrotherapy next week!


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