Very painful knees

Since friday afternoon I ave so much pain in my knees, first it was in my left knee then it moved. to my right knee. Late today, I have it in both knees. I have had this pain before but not as bad as it is right now. I have tried adding ice and heat in turn but nothing seems to help. It is worse when trying to sit or stand. The loo is the worst of all. I am sitting hugging my knees, not knowing what to do next. Sorry about having a moan, it's just that nothing seems to be going right for me at present.

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  • I'm so sorry to hear this, am suffering in a similar way since coming off all meds because drs mistakenly thought I was in remission. Every trip to the loo, standing from seated is a trial. Are your knees oa or RA or a mixture of both ? I got a riser to put under the loo seat which helps a bit. But it sounds as though you need painkillers and treatment for the underlying condition. The arthritis research uk site does recommend gentle exercise to help with pain and I do find that keeping knees moving or gently moving before I move from sitting to standing. I hope you get some relief soon

  • Thank you, when I walk it isn't as bad. I am on Morphine slow release. I do have both .oa and ra. The oa I was told is in my shoulders I guess it is in my knees too.

  • I too have painful knees. Both are swollen and it's difficult to walk let alone sIt. I have a 10 ounce plastic cup so I ;can stand and hold the cup tight to myself. I emptied it into the loo rinse it in the sink and set it aside. It's much more comfortable than trying to sit or stand up after. Use this for water only. I got the idea after collecting for pre and post samples for a test I had. This way you can stand and face the loo like the boys. Ha!

  • Thank you, great idea!!

  • Hi angel, I sympathise totally! I get the incredible roving knee pain regularly. It's usually what I class as the normal toothache pain but every now and then I'll get side-swiped by a really sharp knifing pain that knocks the breath out of me. I don't really have an answer as to how to manage or remedy it other than trying to keep it mobile without adding to the pain. You are not alone! xx

  • It is just like a really bad toothache, the slightest movement is agony, but I do try to keep walking as that doesn't hurt. I am on morphine, but the GP said he may have to put me on actual morphine patches. I have RA flare up as well as this pain now in my knees. I can see from the replies I have that I am not alone. x

  • Aww poor u no you r not alone I have or in both knees had chondroplasty on right 3 weeks ago still stiff and swollen had same op on left which is worse now so hoping he will consider my full tkr when I go back to see him soon hope u get some resolve soon x

  • Thank you, hope you get some relief very soon. Take carex

  • My Rheumy gave me steroid injections into both knees last visit which made a huge difference and weren't that uncomfortable xxx

  • Thank you Allanah, I will check that out on my next visit. xx

  • I have had the same for the last week! It's awful I actually put off drinking so I don't have to go to the loo how crazy and stupid is that!!! Last night the pain was so unbearable I was in tears. I find I then spend ages going though what have I eaten what set it off... Currently I have had to stop the Cimzia injections so my only meds are 6 sulphasalazine tablets plus anti-inflammatories and of course paracetamol good old paracetamol! It's not like it's even that cold at the moment xx

  • Hello, it has been some time now since I wrote the above, I have since been given prednesone as I have been in such a lot of pain not just in my knee's. For the last 3 weeks I have been pain free and my GP is going to give me a booster shot next week before I go away, 8 hour flight... I know I won't always be pain free but steroid has slowed down the flare up, I have an appt to see my Rhumey nurse when I get back and will have to have my meds sorted out. She has just stopped the anti-tnf injections because I have a cyst which doubled in size in 6 months. I felt the injects didn't work as well as they use to, which could be why I was having constant flare ups. I was on Enbrel and when it worked it worked really well, it changed after I had to come off it for 6 weeks due to some other medical condition and I didn't felt I couldn't get the same releif when I came to having the injections again, and I am talking over months. Good luck with sorting out your medication and find the ones that work for you. Everyone is different. x

  • Steroid injections in the knees I have got on the phone to ask if I can have these.... Left a message on the help line

  • Just had a call back from my rheumatology nurse. They have a clinic on a Wednesday morning she has booked me in for next week just goes to show this support group really does work I didn't even know I could have injections in my knees

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