Looking at the other posts...my idea of a limerick seems greatly removed from everyone else's! So.... here is my effort plus bonus verse and I'll just leave quietly by the back door. *Tries to tiptoe out quietly, but ankle gives out and I crash to the floor* Sorry folks!

There was a young lady called Jo

Who woke with sore joints and so,

She went to the Rheumy,

Whose outlook was gloomy,

Shook his head and said 'I just don't know"

Your shoulders are creaky,

Your ankles quite tweaky

Your knees, they buckle and twist

If you take my advice

And I won't say this twice,

You'll give this old 'Strictly' a miss!

17 Replies

  • Wow Jo

    Come over here my darling, that was fabulous:-)

    Don't you even think about the back door, your choreography was brilliant, all the RA references were there, very well done

    How does it feel to get your first dance over?


  • I think I need a sit down Ronnie...and maybe a nap!

  • Sorry I meant Boots! Brain fog! Aarrgghh!!

  • Fabulous darling xx

  • Love it that is right for a limerick well done

  • Thank you everyone :-). xx

  • Well done Jo! That's brilliant, I totally understood every word of it and it rhymes too ......please don't leave by the back door , it's centre stage for you :) x

  • SUPERB.....you kept true to the ra-daaaance! This I like....looking forward to your next one. :)

  • Thank you Amanda and Luthien x

  • Fantastic, and so true!

  • Well done you - RAh RAh RAh in a limerick!

    Cece x

  • You stay right here! No slipping out the back door! That was outstanding effort!! good for you!!

  • Ok I'll stay! Lol

    Thank you Case, Cece and Lorann xx

  • You have kept the beat and tempo beoooootifully. I feel the rhythm with you.i am sooo jealous of your partner dear. Keep it up. Bruno.

  • Ah bless you thanks Bruno :-)

  • :-) well done. There is so many talented people on here. Xx Alison

  • Brilliant well done made me smile. Only just got to read it been without the internet for a few days.x

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