my knees

iv had 3 knee clean outs waiting for another on right knee .it keeps locking bad and pulling my tendons up and down my leg right down to my ankle .I was told total knee replacement was redered to 3 Dr's who turned me down now they going to clean it out again u can't hardly walk some days the psin us do bad my left knee is locking as well I don't no what to do iv wrote to the Dr who I saw about knee asking if he will serve me again as the knees are effecting my ankles and legs I just want to be able to walk without having to be brought home after ten mins of walking with my stick or crutches.why tell me I need a total knee replacement then send me to a dr who has a meeting and decide not to do it I have ostio arthritus in my joints which makes walking bad I have it in my knees I'm 63 it's not right I dont work. but I try .I have physio for wks half the time my ankles swell so much I can't walk as well or they give way I fed up

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  • I know the feeling Hun I've had 3 on left knee and 1 on right I'm

    Being referred back to see orthopaedic surgeon at Nuffield as my right 1 is locking now just goes all of a sudden and my ankle is giving way is that a sign of

    Knee locking???? As physio never said I've been told I need new knees but as I'm only 59 they won't do it yet I'm

    In agony with both knees please just keep telling them I just keep going back to see gp I have a lovely 😊 gp I do hope you get some relief soon how many arthroscopys have u had ?? X

  • my god don't give e a sod actually I'm having very bad lower back pain as well .last night my knee locked I screamed for half hour.I wrote to the hosp and ask the Dr to see me again I'm on wiring list for knee clean out but I think they should do a partial knee replacement it's stopping g me doing this game I'm getting g very bad head aches bin hosp with them and now I'm under a neurologist for my head I never got head aches suddenly I'm getting 6 a day x ita worrying x.

  • hi dee this is real interesting to me ive had one clean out 5 years ago said i needed half a knee but not bad enough yet But i pulled it back with hardley eny problems no pain aqnything just a slight bit of ankle pain on the inside of the ankle Anyway its gone again had ankle pain on inside then knee started crunching and cracking on me thought it was just my ankle now big toe is going cold with chil blanes been like that for last 4 months with chill blanes WHERE DOES YOUR ANKLE HURT YOU AND WICH SIDE OF THE KNEE WAS WORN DID THEY SAY MINE WAS ON INSIDE regards john

  • Mines on the the underside of my kneecap keep getting pain on inside of my ankle why didn't they do the half knee ???? X

  • hi dee well they said to me not ready yet 5 years ago and discharged me at the time they said nothing wrong in your knee so i insisted they whent in and found medial crondial grade 3 acl stretched patella grade 1. but i pulled it all bacck now gone again

    So i understand what you are saying here if its your underside of your knee cap DEE well that means and i know that for some reason your pattela is not trackiong right So that tells me you have either worne the grove in the pattela ie no cartlidge for it to glide on bone to bone. You could try strengthning it with quad and most important vmo exersise that might help a lot dee if you dont do it now start of 10 reps on both mussles each day work up to twice a day is your ankle hurting inside or outside watch out for circulation on big toe thats where mine is getting me at this moment toes are more sore than the ankle and knee. the other thing you might have noticed you sometimes feel one leg is longer than the other this is called compensating for the better leg ive been doing it now for 12 months and knocks hell out of your other leg. ie when you walk you are transfering 3 times your body weight to the leg at each time you take a step so its no wonder things hurt but they dont tell u that.

  • No they don't Hun like you say though there more interested in sending money elsewhere when it should be put into our NHS well


    Just see what the consultant says when I go back to see him

    Next week he did my first arthroscopy on

    My right

    Knee 2011 both knees are bad but it seems

    To be my right 1 that is giving

    Me the most

    Pain and swelling at the mo keeps locking on


    Aswell when I'm

    Coming downstairs there's nothing

    More frustrating than them

    Just saying

    Injection or steroid which I've had in both knees x

  • dee i think they only want to do something when they know they can get approval from the board for the money have you had steroid injections thats what they want to do on me when i went pain clinic. You dont get any toes going cold then like me or cold sores on them? IM SICK OF THEM HURT LIKE HELL TODAY I COULD CUT THEM OFF

    did you know we are giving 1.2 billion to china to help their health service and to help them regards football. etc 1.2 billion how many hips and knees could you do with that They have already got more money in exports than we have thats not to mention the others. dont start me on this one lol

  • HI MARGRET POOR YOU i have had on knee clean out when they said nothing is wrong mine was on the inside of the knee now its gone again with pain in ankle and big to going well like septic sometimes verry cold.

    They are putting this off as the cost regarding the nhs i go for pree op next month where they are going to have a look in again when i know i needed half a knee 3 years ago mine all came on again last year and i to have trouble walking on it.

    They can give you phisio till they are blue in the face it wont help and Lets say the left leg is gone on the inside maniscula carttlige gone well this will make the patell not track properl in the grove under the knee cap and because you have lost 1/4 inch of cartlige the ankle will be sore on the inside because you are walking with the angle of the leg different half a degree at the top could make as much as 1/4 inch out on the bottom.. Look at it further the opposite side the better leg will be taking 3 times your body load plus SO the other leg starts complaining hey ya giving me to much load , and the outside of that ankle will start to complain.Have these doctors and idea about sir issac newtons law of cravity a apple falls down and not up its common sence but its all to do with nhs costs i belive.

    ask them where in my knee is the most wear inside or outside and hit them with this. its not fair we are givin china 1.4 billion pounds for their health service and for their film industry and we cant even look after are own first.

    You dont say which ankle side is giving way but i hope the above explains what i know happens (i am an engineer.)

  • hi both ankles keep klgiving way my husband has paid thousands on private treatment for me acupuncture and heat treatment massages and I jections they help 4 a bit then bk to giving way x

  • hi margret see your reply here so this must mean to me that either for the outside of ankle must be outside of knee going Inside ankle must be inside of knee regards john

  • hi the outside Mistley snd top of foot is swelling as long as I can walk I'm ok x

  • Did the doctor explain why he/she wouldn't recommend a knee replacement? It could be worth trying to find the specific reason as then maybe you can do something about it. I think that if you're over 60 the n a common reason not to do knee replacement is if they feel that your thigh muscles are too weak to support a replacement knee, especially if you are overweight. And you can change that.

    It could also be that they think that the knee locking is just due to debris, rather than arthritic changes that need things replacing. But you could ask to have further X-rays or scans of your knee to be sure.

  • hi I'm a size 12 to 14 never been big but have always kept fit even though I have bad osteo arthritus .iv suffered for over 20 yrs . no its to do with money the NHS can't afford to do knees myou hips are fine but my ankles have been giving way with tendonapathy iv had them injected . they won't do ur knees until late you cannot walk and even then they font always do them it's 10.000 pound some knee replacement a it's think if I had a partial knee replacement it's would help me no end but it's up to the Dr's don't matter what you think 4 Dr's said I need a replacement but still got turned down why should I have to use crutches and a stick .and my knees keep giving way and locking .I rocked 43 yrs paid my stamps and national health all my working life some people get them some are turned down I want mine done do i can walk around again

  • Are you in West Midlands or Yorkshire? As those areas have been criticised for their approach. I suggest you talk to the PALs service at your hospital, and ask them to tell you exactly why you have been refused. There is a procedure used in some areas called the Oxford scoring system, so ask if you have been judged on that.

    If so the NHS guidelines say that

    "If a patient feels that they require this surgery but do not meet these criteria, there is a clear appeals system via individual funding requests whereby the effects can be considered upon the patient and the decision made regarding eligibility for funding.”

  • its not right to pay because some times you pay and it dosnt work out quite right and you have paid all that money out. margret but they should do somthing with 2 knees down and out not right

  • I'm not suggesting Margaret should pay! It's an appeal to get NHS funding for the knee operation. Hospitals have budgets for these things, so if there is no money to do the operation and you meet all the criteria then you can appeal to get the hospital given extra budget to do your knees.

  • sorry helix it sounded like that just saying some people pay and it dosnt work out quite right i met one guy who had knee opperation and the whole of his bone calsified over it so it was locked up. and he payed He was not a happy bunny when they said we will do it again.

  • thing is I was recommended by 4 diff Dr's do I must need one

  • hi helix They should have to margret which part of the knee has gone but your right about debery pieces of junk in their are just going to move around and lock it up when it gets in right place They maybe thinking that it will wash itself out on its own maybe they said that to me once.

  • Hello Margarete 72, I'm so sorry about your knees. I didn't know u could get the knees cleaned out. I'm in a wheelchair because my RA has locked up my right leg. They don't want to do a knee replacement because they said the recovery is really hard. But know one told me about cleaning out the knee. I've been in the wheelchair for a year. I'm about your age. So After they cleaned your knees out did that help u walk? I'll be thinking of u & I hope u find the help that u need. Richgirl🌻

  • yes they mended the cartlidge in both and clean all the bits out .it does help 1st time I went 4 yrs then 2 yrs you need arthroscopies in ur knees to clean them .I'm going bk and I'm going to demand they do both knees . no its not the recovery is gd as long as you do as they tell you I no lots of people that's he knee replacement a it's helped it rakes about 3 to six months the psin is bad but then having a baby is. I have a wheel chair and I'm not letting them tell me they won't do my knees iv HD enough. if there's an option you need you should tell them you want it done I want to walk around shops and old eith grand kids x hope you get sorted d

  • margret forgot to ask have you had injections in your ankles and did it help any or hurt ?

  • yes injections helped a bit but the ankles are still swelling up and hurt a lot it's becsuse of the knees as you walk different when ur knees are bad they lock on the outside and the side of the knees now and it catching the tendons which pull the adductor muscle on the inside of thigh it's like a electric shock it can happen turning over in bed and now I have a bad lower back and hip x I'm seeing dr in April il find out x thank you sll x

  • tell me about it margret i will be putting up my ultrasound info from hospital yesterday

  • hi mink a my right ankle has played up and this morn it gave way pulling g my leg and knee iv strapped my ankle did knee up . iv not been able to swollow for s few wks 3 Dr's have checked my throat is had swollen glands they gone down but inside throat is choking me I don't no why I'm told I got to get used to it nothings showing up but the neck is psinful and behind my right ear. I can't swollow my tablets it was OK few wks bk does anyone have any idea what is . God bless

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