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Ra ra rah attempt

Well reading the other posts seems to have kick started the grey matter a bit. So here goes:

There was a young lady from Rhyl

Who got up to take her pill.

Take it they told 'er

Or before you're much older

The RA will make you quite ill.

She swallowed it down

With a gag and a frown.

She prayed for no bloating

"Cause soon she'd be floating

Around in delicate gown.

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Misty is back in the room xxxxxx


Yay, Misty takes to the floor in style!

Cece x


Hi Misty.....Well done for giving it a go and not giving up especially after all you're going through at the mo.......You had the RA references in there and also a little tease of what's to come as the weeks go on! Great job for week one :). ..... Hope your new job is going well and that your son's girlfriend gets well soon xx


Sounds good to me well done xx


Good work, Misty! I think I might have had the wrong impression of what was expected. Boy, do I have alot of work to do!!!


Well well Mistymeana and Bending

So glad you could make it after such a hard few weeks. You really pulled it out of the bag:-)

How does it feel to get your first dance done?

Looking forward to seeing more of you two........



Well done I enjoyed that xgins


Ha ha! Well done Misty! Xx


For a late comer......TREEEEEmendous D-AAAHling!


Misty. You have put sooooo much oomph into this. I loooove the moves. So much to look forward to for the next round. Bruno toe nailoily


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