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Rah ran rah day

Rah ran rah day

Yes my darlings after all the messages I have sent you beautiful people to tell you how Rubbing and I were getting on at rehearsal and costume , the day has arrived.

But disaster Rubbing has fallen at the last hurdle , the pressure sweeties has got to him. His gorgeous piercing blue eyes are as red as the sparkly jump suit he is wearing. Well, no one told me he had been having celebratory champagne, after all abstinence during our traing programme was essential. My dears I can only guess it was due to the pressure of knowing how well Vincent was emm performing I think they call it now a days with Cece!

So a litre ( yes he is very continental) of water later and a cup of coffee he is looking like the beautiful stallion he is, I am gliding and swooping to the dance area in my matching red sequins of my short rah rah rah dress and it is showing of my best assets,

To the dance

A couple named Lana and Rubbin

Love dancing , rah rah rah, whilst clubbing

They went to the disco

In ole San Francisco

And when they got in they were buzzin

They sauntered and went on the floor

But gosh no, they bumped into the door

The feathers were flying

The judges were sighing

But the audience were shouting for more

So Lana and Rubbin were happy

As when they danced they were sassy

everyone said hurraaaah

As they as they did the rah rah rah

And the judges became oh so clappy

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Lol sorry bout the s word in the poster but I love the phrase by the Arctic Monkeys xx


What's wrong with the word 'shoes'? Does it have another meaning in Scotland??


Lol xxxx great saying though isn't it ?


Love it x


Thank you darlink




Ah Allanah and Rubbin

What a great pair you make, there really is a lot of chemistry between you two:-)

Come and talk to us. How much did you enjoy that Allanah? When your feathers started flying I must confess I was a bit worried but you are a plucky little thing aren't you? Rubbin you've got your hands full with this one haven't you, but I think you make a great pair, well done both of you...........


Yes darlink chemistry and magnetism , thank you


Two words......DAAAnce Dynamo!!! Love you two! x


Dalink absolutely superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb......xxxxx


Great stuff Darlinks love it xx


Yay! Strictly-tantastic performance! Glad you realised that Rubbin needed the firm handling of a mature woman, that's the way to get the boy in line:-}

Cece x


Lovely x


Great x


Oh my goodness more of the 's' word. Such passion such flare! Such fire. I am overcome. Bruno Toenailoily.


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