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Hi All

I've been wearing 100 denier tights to work and so far they have managed to keep my feet and in particular my knees warm - so far. At work I was fine, but when I boarded the bus to come home today from work I had an awareness that my knees were beginning to feel the cold. The bus was cold and it took a while before I felt warm .

I put the heating on as soon as I got in and now the awareness has turned into a dull ache. I still do not need to take pain relief at this point. But don't understand why they have progressed to acheing as I am in warmth? I know its due to the weather, as the extremes are one of my triggers. But I am inside now so I shouldn't be getting worse on the ache front? They are aslo becomeing ratchety when I bend and straigthen them and I am having trouble keeping them warm indoors to.

What do others (you) do to keep your knees warm? I am going to try anica gel on them when I come out of my bath this evening to see if this helps with the aches in them.

Cheers Sci x

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Hi Sci

Sometimes my joints ache worse when i come in from the cold into a warm house - no idea why.I have a microwaveable heat pad (about £5) that works really well for me

Julie x


longjohns and a big electric foot warmer, oh and the cat for my knees lol. there's nothing worse than the pains we are in more so when its cold.

I hope you find comfort soon



I relate to this Sci as you know I've been feeling the cold badly in my joints lately. Don't know the answer - Ive been under the duvet since clearing away tea and got a big rug on too and my socks but still my feet are icy - it's weird?! Hope they don't flare up and it's just a temporary thing as happened with my fingers last week. TTx


Hi T, Julie and Philip

Julie your idea with the microwave heat pad, jogged my memmory and I remembered we had hot water bottles somewhere. Hubby dug one out and I put it on my knees (used warm water) and it worked like a dream. Last nite for the first time in most of the day, my knees were warm and I was able to fall asleep.

Cheers for the above and I also have the dog on my lap, using 3 blakets,

Sci x


Hi Sci and others, The cold is attacking all of us , despite Northeastern US having a very mild winter, very little snow, it is still cold.

But, we have had many ups and downs with temperature changes, with the changes in barometric pressure, this is what we feel in our knees and other joints. Changes in barometric pressure, as seen with temp or rain/snow changes, causes the synovial fluid in the joints to thicken, thus making the joints stiff and painful. Adding that little nonsense to the cold and not surprising we ever have a painfree day! Heat is the solution.

In the Spring and Summer weather, the baro, changes are felt, even if it isn't cold. Like how we can predict it is going to rain.. Cheers, L.xx


Hi Loret

What you've explained is very interesting and informative, so thank you for that. I also feel the temp differences in the summer, but it's less in the summer especially if we holiday here at home.

Cheers Sci x


Big blanket and heating on, this weather has a lot to answer for!

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Hi All

I am using heat to relieve joint pain brought on by the cold. I found a hot water bottle and using warm water I place that onto my knees, for about half an hour and that has helped tremendously.

I also did a hot wax hand bath this evening, so thus I have been able to use less pain relief, because touch wood my joints are feeling ok at the moment, although I am still slow.

I don't have work for the next two days, but I am at the gp's tomorrow, other than that I plan to stay inside. Hermit springs to mind - how we try and hibernate from the cold!

Good luck to you all with your attempts to keep warm and pain free.

Your all on mind at the moment

Sci xx


im feeling the cold too. ive invested in fleece pjs ( very cosy ) fluffy boot slippers and snuggle up with a blanket on the sofa (and got an electric blanket for the bed) with the heating on full my poor son and husband think they are in the tropics and wander round the house in t shirt and shorts bless them while i look like an eskimo lol. i get really stiff and achey when i get cold .


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