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First injury from rah rah rah

Oh no what an awful thing darlink, I was just trying to sashay and I thought rather beautifully, when my padded red sequinned rocker shoes decided to rock, oh but the wrong way. My little pert buttocks moved one way and my big feet moved the other way. Well rubbing said this was awful and got rather upset with me I really don't know why though! Gosh he is the temperamental man , he may glide across the floor with me in tow banging on to him but the thing is it's far too difficult to keep up with him really, oh my goodness gracious.

I'm just think in the beginning I thought what a handsome god he looked but now darlinks , He looks more like a goat to me rather than a beautiful god!

But even though I have pulled a slightly awkward muscle where I would call the bottom of my back, I am determined to this teenie weenie little setback want to disturb my rehearsal pattern, I am determined that my rah rah rah will be the toast of the town well .... Maybe I maybe not, we shall see, if not that young man does deserve a thorough spanking!

Okay will tell you of the next rehearsal is very soon.

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tee hee hee...

C x


Bruno says. As I'm am so supple :-) this never happens to little thin me. I always warm up so I am hot, hot hot before I trot.


Ooh Bruno you Italian stallion !

Did I really say that lol !

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Achy Craig: Humongous effort picking yourself up. Continue with the sashay to the sachet!!!


Thank you achy!


There was a young lady from Yorkshire

One could say she was off her rocker

Whilst rehearsing for a dance

Her feet opposing her arse

Fell down and bruised her coccyx


Brilliant !


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