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I was told I had cronic macanical back pain and had in total 3 mri scans in last 2 half years ,as such I was put on morphine tablets 2 patch gabapentin I also was kept on naproxen I have other things done to try and ease too,no though I think the tablets and patches are helping if I forget or late I still in lots of pain but as long as I take them I am fine,the problem I have is both arms from elbow upwards just before my shoulders and above sometimes the pain is if concrete blokes are on them I cant move I cant lift to shave under my armpits,brush my hair ,sleeping is impossible all night if I lay on either ooooo the pain after,a few minutes if I lay on my back a dull pain ,my gp as said nothing showed on mri scan and thats all shes says yet I am here in agony I cant itch back of my neck too and reach up to shelves head height I go back to see her today I feel like cutting my arms off ,of course I wont please don't worry,what could it be please help me anything I suggest to her please ? I sometime have to ask hubby to cut food up ,I don't have alot of strengh ,thank goodness I get full rate pip as I could not work with this ,but I worry will I when it stops but people tell me I have all records of all my problems plus my panic attacks so I should be fine ,children all grown up should have no worries I don't no where to turn in so much pain even with all the tablets x

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Sounds like inpingement of your shoulders ..... I had the same thing with my right shoulder a few years ago and the pain is awful couldnt do a lot due to the pain I ended up having surgery ..... mine was discovered on x ray and MRI scan...ask for a referal to physio or orthopaedics ....hope you get somewhere with GP


Have you been tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). If not, ask your GP - just involves a sample of blood. Is the arm/shoulder pain and immobility constant or does it come and go? My RA started in my shoulder tendons, then elbow tendons closely followed by finger pains and stiffness. It does sound like you need to push your GP to further investigate.


Hi missdianedyas23,

so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I have put some links below for you about pain relief:

I hope these help. Do you have a diagnosis for RA? Although RA usually starts in the small joints it can start in the larger joints.

It may be worth going back to your GP to discuss your symptoms. I have put a link below to diagnosing RA and its symptoms to help you:

Hope this helps you with a diagnosis one way or another.



NRAS Helpline


Hi thank you everyone it's so lovely to hear back it shows there is some caring people around.Yes I have tests for RA and things was ok they have not a clue my docter examined yesterday and agreed I was very stiff and in pain no movement at all so she as sent for me a emergency appointment for a ultra sound on both arms she doubts x rays would find anything although our hospital does just a walk in no appointment x ray so I will try this too I thi k I will try anything even now to type it hurts I feel so lost


Hello everyone,a update after the ultra sound scan I was told I had 2 fluid leaks at the top of arms /shoulders left worse than right yet more pain in right ,anyway yesterday I had 2 cortazone injections in each arm at the top ,anyway ft er ward she told me I might get discomfort and she was sure to her word ached, felt hot dizzy however today jst can barly move,shes hoping I can some relief so I can have physio so,we shall wait and see,anywayfterwardlso went to the pain clinic in the morning they are going to try and detox from all the tablets in time by having more injections ect lidocaine is booked in again then the epidural one and so on so forth if that fails back to the ddrawing board and she may ask for me to see a surgeon however she doubts anything could happen as I have alot going on with all the back and it could be too dangerous so we shall see thank you


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