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Full Zante holiday update!! ( it may be long??!!)

Full Zante holiday update!! ( it may be long??!!)

Well on the 9TH of May set off at 3.34 am in the morning to travel to a car park north of Birmingham airport at Garretts green,( have used the car park three times before but not for over five years!).. well lots of building and development occurred and we had had trouble finding it!!, we were behind another couple who were lost as well in the vicinity, but trying to find somewere at 430 in the morning in the dark!! is difficult ( Bham approx 1 hour up motorway!) ..I was also desperate for a wee!! steroids and also NOW BP tablets, as have used several lots in last three to four years!.

Found it and then got bus to airport was a bit stressed!!, went to assistance desk... guy there said have you booked in at flght check in desk??!!. no so had to walk past his desk to check in desk !! quite a way!! and had to stand in check in queues!!, we ended up sitting at opposite ends of plane!! literally!!). went back to assistance desk.. people were moaning.. there was two guys for whole air port doing the assistance!!.

He wheeled me a few yards then went back for other passenger ( we were both reasonably mobile ( I CAN WALK SHORT distances) and so she could she ( she had breathing difficulties!!), frankly unless you are reasonably mobile Birmingham's provision was poor!

Any way got there to find much better provision at Zante's smallish airport!!.

Our hotel was lovely (we were self catering) so breakfasts, rollls and salads in and also meals out!. the sun was a warm 24 degrees just nice and some days a slight breeze.

The resort was quiet and our hotel virtually empty!!. met a couple from Bham.. guy has MS but was fully mobile as he had just has an infusion.

The holiday was to relax and to read, bit of sight seeing and a little walking.

We went on a boat trip to shipwreck and blue not brilliant on boats and inspite of my stugeron ( anti sickness tabs).. hmm slightly out of date I FOUND oops!!. FELT bit green.!

Got to shipwreck beach.. the sea was aquamarine and beautiful.. had to get down a ladder to beach!!, I had worn trainers luckily!!. managed it down . but on return. I couldn't haul myself up the ladder!!, had to ask my chap to give me an un lady like shove up the bottom from under neath to get me back up the ladder!!.

We has very nice food out , played mini golf.. plenty of rest seats, had a couple of cocktails, drunk some local wine, but drunk lots and lots of water!

on the last day in spite of spray!! got some mozzie bites unfortunately!! and I REACT badly.. my immune system!!. they become massive, red, and yellow pus ooozes out!! took anti histamines with me etc and steroid cream.. but on return to uk got script for flucloxacillin!

On return Greek air traffic control were on strike..and our plane was in Bham still!!, it couldnt enter Greek air space between 12 noon and 4pm due to strike, but everyone was in good humour and filled bagette and bottled water were provided, to the two flights affected ours and one of the Gatwick flights!!. we HAD paid resort Thomas cook rep £10.00 euros each to pre book seats together on return flight!!.

It was however a great holiday very relaxing... the only health problems were I COULDNT

get up boat ladder!! and I took my stick with my everywere my ankles swelled, probably

heat/ more walking?/ inflammation ? but felt so much better with gentle warmth.

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I am glad you had a good time despite your woes at birmingham airport,which i was surprised by as my experience was so much different. It could have been the time of day. Next time you go get a train to coventry and we will pick you up and then we will take you to the airport. You shouldn't have to struggle like that,do you have a blus badge if you do you should have been able to park next to the airport.xxxx


my reply to scouser was being typed whilst. your comment whizzed through cyber space thanks Sylvi may take up offer, must try and meet up x


Birmingham is not very far from our house. Yes i would love to meet you summer.xxxx


Yes HAD some in hand luggage, but rather than take lots of boxes bought a week tablet dose strip/ box and filled each day myself saves space!!, in case of an emergency filled

small vanity tablet compact( given to me by Trica-p) with three days supply and this went in my hand bag.. which is a rucksack!!.

Top tips get to air port in plenty of time .assistance is poor at Bham.I AM GOING to write they need more staff.. this one guy was doing his best!!..Bham airport is bigger than five years ago!!, take a folding walking stick.. easier.. hope you have one.. not sure how mobile You are I have battled with physio/ hydro etc to maintain reasonable mobility ,but I have blue badge as have been times v poorly .. shuffling few yards, crawling up stairs!!.

ASSUME you are going from Liverpool or maybe Manchester???

If flying through Greek air space,, random and sporadic strikes.. we hit first one.. usually for a timed period??.

We were AT Zante airport 10.30 am for flight 13.40.. it became 17.45.. food provided.. by time back to england and driben home 9.45pm!! a v long day.. hol was brill!!.

Greek air space closed 12-4pm!!, plane couldnt leave bham to pick us up!!. planes were taking off within 15 mins of each other once back log cleared and our filght queued behind other "earlier" in afternoon flights.. it meant a back log at airport but they coped brilliantly

Hope you enjoy yours were are you going to??


lounge sounds good!! pack some loperamide just in case for egypt( immodium) which airport you going from. think as Sylvi says I was unlucky as early morning flight?? x

Have a great time you will be fine.. another tip take a nice chap to carry your case!!


oops sylvi.. great offer may take you up. my chap drives my car I DONT DRIVE long distances flight from bham qas 7am in morning.. yes it could be time of day!!. my answer re tablets is for scouser!!..was expecting so much more from Bham.. as I hated Gatwick!!. Thomas cook said some one would meet etc as soon as at air port..!!. how does blue badge . work at airports??? three hours parking equals a short holiday lol xx


So glad u had a lovely time,hope you feel much better for it,can't wait for my holiday :))) xxlove Michelle xx


Hi Summer, glad you had a good holiday despite the problems with Greek Air Traffic Control which is nothing new out there. They seem to go on strike at the drop of a hat!

I find my ankles swell in the heat as well so don't worry about it - just keep your feet up as much as possible.

We're off to Portugal in June for a week - really looking forward to it and wheelchair booked both ends as well. Going from Gatwick as no flights to Lisbon from Stansted unfortunately which is nearer for us.

Hope you had a chance to relax.

Love LavendarLady x


What a shame the lovely holiday in lovely warm weather was spoiled by the travelling section of the trip.

Your photo looks lovely and made me think I would like to visit Zante. Did you manage to see any of the island whilst you were there or was it an r and r holiday.?

Weirdly I am so much happier in the heat and is lessens my pain, my physio laughs as she wants GP put on cold packs and I want hot lol xx


saw Zante town.. and went on the one boat trip To shipwreck beach and blue caves other than that walked around alykes were I Stayed and across to neghbouring resort of alykanas.. mine being the quieter of the two resorts. v quiet thats how I LIKE IT.. WOULD recommend early may or late september othwerwise hot and busy??!!. hotel was called the koukounaria it was v nice.. went with Thomas cook tour operator. the lovely sun really helped it was a rand r holiday.. didnt fancy hiring a car, and the buses were two a day!!


Glad you had a great time once you got there. The photo looks very enticing! Tilda x


Glad you had a nice time despite B'ham airport's attempts to scupper it! Your description of Shipwreck bay and the caves brought back wonderful memories. Had a fabulous fortnight on the island 29 years ago. Think I mentioned when you were planning the trip that my favourite souvenir was the daughter I brought home with me - she'll be 28 next month. Oh I feel so oooold! xxx


unusal souvenir but nice xx

I got tea towels and book marks for presents and fridge magnets but bought back an artists (local) piccie on canvas which I WILL have framed on pay day!, the piccie on blog is ship wreck beach. such incredible coloured sea!!


Sorry i'm late could not get on site. Pleased to hear you had lovely time x


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