The buses are a pain, literally

In the area where I live the buses are very bad. The company has been in the local paper loads of times because there are constant complaints from passengers; late buses, buses not turn up, broken down buses, rude drivers, bad drivers, ones who don't know the route.....

I have complained a few times. Today was pretty bad. The bus by me is due every 8mins. This frequency is because the service is heavily used. I had just come out of Physiotherapy and got to the stop at five past three. People were already waiting. There were no seats. There are hardly ever seats. At 3:30 a bus came. It was packed. I carried on without stopping. At 3:35 I called the company and explained what was happening but they didn't take me seriously. Finally the bus came at 3:45 packed again but I took my chances because I was in so much pain I was almost in tears. And because I had my walking stick I got a seat. As soon as I got home I took my painkillers and went straight up to bed.

There is no point complaining. The company are used to complaints and just "file them" I am scared to wait for a bus again but I can't afford to get taxi's everywhere.

Why are there so few seats at bus stops? And those that are there are really uncomfortable and make you lean forward so that all the weight is on your hips and knees (the exact purpose of sitting down is to take the weight off these joints). It's 2016 and still a lot of public transport is not up to scratch for people with mobility problems. Six years after the equality act and 21yrs after the disability discrimination act.

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  • I think it's the same everywhere, I used t be a bus driver but I don't think I could take the stress now, but there's no excuse for rudeness from drivers or the public but you meet some ignorant people in life nowadays

  • HI, I can really relate to your post. Using buses can be so hard and painful, even when they come on time and have seats. And bus companies don't want to know! Best of luck with your next journey, as you will brave it, because being stuck at home is not good.

  • It is hard for bus users if the buses don't run on time. I have to catch a bus to work at 6am....and when a scheduled bus is cancelled ( without notice or warning) I stand in the freezing cold for half an hour...ending up with painful, stiff hands, knees and feet. As the bus will be packed, I end up standing on the stairs as there's no where else to sit or stand!!!

    Most days I am fine but on bad days it can be disheartening. Unless I wear a sign on my head proclaiming I have inflammatory arthritis, I feel uncomfortable in the seats reserved for those less able to stand as people will glare.

    So I am totally with you pinksugarmouse.. Hugs xxx

  • I gave up buses years ago and use a class 3 mobility scooter - it is brilliant - no parking problems and I have a radius of about 5 miles so the hospital, shopping etc all within reach. Unfortunately no heater or roof but no standing about either.

  • hi, my husband is a bus driver he had a lot of complaints about being late but, when there is a lot of traffic or road works you are bound to be late . Buses do also brake down so have to wait for another to come. However, they can only have so many seats and limited to how many people can stand up so that is why buses go straight by. The other day the bus what my husband was driving had a window put threw so it had to be put out of service for peoples safety . i know it can be frustrating but how do you think those who drive for a living .He also had a lot of abuse from passengers as well and got hit once

  • brealey6 I am sorry that your husband has to deal with abuse, but my situation was quite different. The bus service here is very poor with buses frequently turning up late or not at all. To the best of my knowledge bus drivers have no been abused. However there are a few known incidents of bus drivers being abusive towards passengers, including children and people with disabilities.

    I am afraid during the period of time I stood in considerable pain waiting for the bus and the journey whereby I was being knocked into I thought only for myself and my daughter and not the plight of individual bus drivers whom I have no connection with. I don't suppose your husband has given any thought to me either as he has no need to do so.

    My post did not make a point of criticising bus drivers because my main focus was to try and destract myself from the pain in my joints caused by the bad experience.

  • The buses are getting even worse. I got on a bus today. I had my walking stick. The driver started to drive off without waiting for me to find a seat. I told her not to because I would fall. After navigating my way through a sea of pushchairs, I asked a mum whose tiny son was taking up a disabled seat if I could sit down.

    She said "well we're getting off at the next one anyway." The bus started with me stood up and I was terrified. I clung on for dear life. Yes it might have been one stop but it felt like ages. The driver kept filling the bus with more and more passengers. People were struggling to get off. And she was letting people on before passengers could alight, causing chaos.

    Once again I got out my trusty mobile and called the company. They promised they would investigate. When the bus got to the station I spoke to the driver and asked her "why did you drive off when I asked you to wait and you saw that I have a walking stick." She didn't really respond. No explanation, no apology.

    I feel terrible I feel that I am being put at a big disadvantage because of my disability, mostly in ways which could be easily avoided. I want to take it further because it's bang out of order and it's causing me a lot of distress.

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