feeling great-------- still going up the ladder

hi all , just a little update,went to see rh/nurse yesterday, [going to go back and explain] last november went to hospital doc, said shoulder was in agony could,nt move etc, wrist looked like it had been pumped up, and feet was like walking on stones, so arranged for jabs, had them in january, great soon hands came back to normal size and could do loads of normal things, like go the loo, [;sorry we have all been there] but shoulder had now extended across neck down arms ;, in april had another appointment, [ had in mean time lived on pain killers, muscle relaxers/ anti d, as now could,nt sleep with the pain,or get dressed or wash properly and the list went on] so started mtx and had knee and shoulder jabbed again, back to the start,---- with the mtx also have hydroxy and steroids, so went for check ,great news am responding very well to the [cocktails, ] knee is great am leaping about,[ well i am in my head], but shoulder is not great, then found out have also got o/a as well as r/a, they forgot to tell me this, this is why shoulder is not responding well, ah well, blood is good i am still feeling great,and we cant have everything we want, so for now am still going up the ladder and not down the snake, have a lovely day, take care, sue x

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  • Despite all the problems your having you still manage to sound upbeat sue,long may it continue. We can never get ahead with ra but we can get round it. you have a good day sue. sylvi.xx

  • hi your the inspiration on this site sylvi,when i read your blogs i feel anything can be achieved,and your the proof of it, have a lovely, happy day , sue x

  • Thats a lovely thing to say sue,i don't think of myself like that. I've still got a long way to go,but i try to cheer everyone up as if it cheers one person up then it reverbarates back to me and it has helped me at the same time, just like your words have done sue. xx

  • thank you, it costs nothing to be nice, and it always comes back , and believe me you are an inspiration, and many people will agree with me, sue x

  • Hi Sue

    This sounds great... bit like my experience really. I have OA too and have found the slight changes in diet and gentle exercise is great for it. It takes a while to make a difference, I too had a awful trouble with stiff shoulder(s) one had a cuff impingement and it has taken along time to get it rotating again. I find swimming brilliant... once I got over the shock of looking like a sack of tatties in a swiming cozziee... ha ha... it's all good. Take care.

    Julie x

  • hi julie, have been waiting to go swimming, [ had to wait for some movement in arm as it was stuck at side of me and could,nt get cozzie on, dont think they would let me in with one side off ----- health and safety --- mass rush for the exits lol ] so any time now will be ready ,and am also going to go to classes lead by trainer who specalizes in people who have r/a etc to help stretch the muscles and gentle exercise, bit nervous as i have,nt been swimming in many a year, and have put loads of weight on, [ sort of look like a beached whale at certain angles haha,] but wont be put off ; determined to get some movement back, wish me luck , sue x

  • Great to hear you sounding so positive flowerpot. I hope you go from strength to strength as it sounds like your meds are working for you. I felt terrified when I first went swimming and had to bare my fat belly and dimply thighs but now I don't care. I just get in there and outswim many of the skinnier models lol. It feels great, tiring but in a good way x

  • full time job keeping on top of this lot, wages naff as well lol, thought of buying wet suit, but might look out of place in baths, dont want to draw attention to myself, haha take care sue x

  • hello Flowerpot great blog - there is light at the end of the tunnel yeah...

  • Lovely to read such a positive blog Flowerpot.

    I think it's so important to tell us about the good stuff, it gives us ones who feel hopeless a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

    Nic x

  • hi elsa, your right, i know if i read a good blog it cheers me up no end, i always try to be positive in all walks of life, i dont think of things as a ---cant do, but more of a challenge for that day, ok so some days take longer, but i have plenty of time, and if not, theres always the next day,, anyway grand-daughter always copies me [she is 3] and its so funny to watch her being me, she would cheer the grumpiest of people up, take, sue x.

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