Looking for Robin Hood

Looking for Robin Hood

Yesterday here in Nottinghamshire it wasnt raining so we took advantage and went off to Sherwood Forest which is quite near us. My grandson had a wonderful time picking leaves acorns sticks berries etc to make an autumn picture. We also saw lots of different toad stools and mushrooms which we told him fairies and elves dance round at night. He was disappointed the shop was closed (i wasnt lol) My daughter Sophie said it was great to be out in the fresh air together so we got our wellies on and I took a walking stick and did my impression of a tortoise walking round the forest. Luckily lots of seating available to have a rest. It was a lovely afternoon a good to be alive day. hope you all get to enjoy some happy autumn days.

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  • What a lovely day you had.xxx

  • Yes it was smashing.

  • Beautiful pic. I love autumn - my fave season.

  • Me too.

  • How lovely to be out at about on a sunny autumn day. Apparently we are in for some fantastic shows this year.

    I just wish they would hurry up and get my ramp done so that I can nip up to Dartington Hall Gardens on 'The Beast'. It is truly beautiful there and always good for the soul (except when you fall down the steps and dislocate your finger).

    We've had some pretty foul weather here in the South West and apparently a bit of a rocky ride due over the next few days. I must say, I quite like a bit of a storm though.

    Glad you had a good time.

    Judy x

  • Oh dear Judy a discolated finger sounds painful. Hope you soon get out and about on The Beast.x

  • Lovely picture the weather here has been lovely to. I live in Kent by the channel tunnel xxx

  • Yes its nice to appreciate the weather instead of people moaning about it. Do you get to use the channel tunnel much.x

  • Well it been open twenty years. Have manage twice its on the door step. You know what they say cobbler has holes in his shoes!!!!!!!!!

  • What a lovely story...the picture us wonderful..I actually love autumn, I was lucky enough growing up that I spent that time of year either at the lakes or Scotland and the colours were breath taking...so glad you had a lovely walk. Maryx

  • Hi Trulyfedup I must confess I didnt take the picture.

  • Still a lovely picture..thank you. Maryx

  • It is.x

  • Did you ever find Robin Hood? Knowing my luck..I.d find Friar Tuck..! Maryx

  • Lol no didnt find him I think he was hiding.

  • That is a beautiful picture, one to enter for next years Countryfile calender? Sounds like a lovely day even if you did play the "shop's shut" trick!! My husband tries that on me all the time but I'm wise to his games:-))

  • Ha ha Ronnie actually the shop was closed. I didnt take the picture found it on my laptop. I took some pics on my phone but they werent as good as that.

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