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Need your expertise pleaseeee


I dont have a computer, I do everything with my android phone. Everytime I come on here I can never respond or write a post is it because I'm using a phone.

I quit smoking February 14, after 30 years of smoking. I went cold Turkey I dont have the desire to smoke BUT I do have dizzy spells, very frequent headaches that dont go away, fatigue, dry mouth, abit of constipation. Is all this normal and when does it stop.

I do drink alot of water, had blood test done first week that I quit and everything was ok, I also got little white dots/bubbles on my tongue been to an ENT doctor and dentist and they both told me its cause I quit smoking not to worry. I feel worse the entire 3 weeks that I quit smoking than when I was smoking....please can anyone relate to what I'm going through and when does it end. I'm 49 years old....thank you all so much, if I do get any responses, I've wrote in before with no response, I dont know If I'm doing this right.....thanks again

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reader20191 Year Smoke Free

Hi MRC71, congrats on three weeks. What you are experiencing is normal for most quitters. I quit 21 months ago and felt most of what you are going through. One thing you have to remember is that smoking has done a lot of damage to our bodies and it is going to take time for the body to heal. Drink plenty of water and go for long walks. Get out of the house so you stop thinking about how awful you feel. It does get better. One morning you will wake up and you will feel better. Stay strong don't let the mind play tricks on you.

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