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Newbie - Still trying to quit smoking

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Hi I'm new here. I was smoking for 26 years and then managed to give up. Was clear for 14 years but then started smoking again after my husband died. That is now over three and a half years ago. I got through the grieving process but then there were always a load of other problems to get through. Without going into lengthy details I'm still here smoking, swearing that I would give up. I have an operation a week today and during my preops it was suggested I do my best to give up for the obvious reasons. Over recent months I've tried patches, sprays and gum and none work, simply because I can always take them off or decide/forget not to use them. I joined NHS Choices quit smoking recently. I contacted the local quit support group only to be told that I live outside their area. The hospital have given me the contact details of their own quit smoking helpline for when I'm ready to try again. So here I am. Looking for more help and support.

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Welcome CiggieStardust - you have come to the right place for more help and support as we are here on the same journey to remain smoke free. Firstly, I am very sorry to read of the passing of your husband, I am sure he will be looking down on you to help and support you.

I will 2 years smoke free in a few days and done it cold turkey, woke in the early hours coughing and not able to get my breath and decided there and then, enough is enough, smoked half a cigarette, stumped it out and one has not touched my mouth since. It was a bumpy road, very bumpy at times but attacked at all times not to smoke again. I can have out of the blue craving for a smoke but I am strong enough to not give it a second thought and just plod on. We, like non smokers, have daily curve balls to deal with but for every day that passes by, the stronger you will become to deal with these curve balls - big and small smoke free.

I would suggest deciding now that you are not going to put another cigarette in your mouth, be strong and focused, you can do it, just like all of us here :)

How long will you be in hospital for after your operation, it really will such a massive benefit to a speedy recovery to be smoke free and with not being able to smoke in hospital, will help get you over the first few days of withdrawal...

Stay close to us and have a read of below link on helpful tips on quitting

Thank you roisin, I have 1 cigarette left and I will smoke it tonight. My op is only day surgery but I am staying with friends the night before. They don't smoke and are extremely keen that I give up. I am also staying with them after my op due to the effects of the anaesthetic so won't be smoking then. The op is actually to remove precancerous cells from the breast.

Last one ignited -would appreciate all support from anyone out there!!!

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to CiggieStardust

Oh CiggieStardust, so sorry to read of your illness, this is your time to quit now so you can recuberate from your surgery. I / we will be here for you to help you through your recovery process AND your journey to being smoke free...........

Thanks roisin, I will beat this. This is the type of support I've been looking for. think I need to go cold turkey- all,in the mind- plus of course any other support . I have patches, gum and sprays on hand to help me along.

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mushenValued Contributor

Hello and welcome!

I am 46 and smoked since I was 13 years old. I tried several different methods to quit and the one that worked for me was an e-cigarette. I couldn't face the thought of going cold turkey and it got me through the first two weeks after which I reduced the nicotine content and stopped using it. Perhaps this may be worth looking into.

Whatever you decide to do, support is vital. There are lots if us here, all at different stages using or having used different methods, so you really are not faced with quitting alone.

I hope your operation goes well and if you need support, post as much as you need to. We are all here to help. 😊

Thank you mushed. Just smoking my last cigarette. When I started again after my husband died I was determined that I would give up as quickly as I could. I need to confront whatever I thought were problems and overcome them them every time they crop up so that I can move forward.

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HercuValued Contributor

Geepers CiggieStardust...14 years and relapse ????? and still believe a cigarette can ease our pain and worries...But a very warm welcome back..and luckily you know how wonderfull a smoke free life can be ...Stay strong !!

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CiggieStardust in reply to Hercu

Sorry but earlier today I decided that I was going to give up trying to give up. I really just can't get a hold on it at the moment. Don't know why but well I just don't know. Thanks for replying though much appreciated.

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CiggieStardust in reply to Hercu

Hi Hercu. You made me think about things earlier. Am now 7 hrs into my life as a non-smoker.

Thank you

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HercuValued Contributor in reply to CiggieStardust

Excellent news...Stay strong..You can do it !!!

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HercuValued Contributor

Thanks,,,You will quit again when you are ready ...All the best !

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casinolife1 Year Smoke Free

You will know when it's time

Don't be so hard on yourself

Good luck with the op - one step at a time.

There are some excellent resources on this site (if only to get other's stories).

All the best,


New life starts now. I am a non smoker!!!

Thank you all. Will help anyone along this journey too.

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to CiggieStardust

Ah huge well done CiggieStardust - we are here for you, post anytime.

PS Just be carefully with those sprays and gum as are very addictive and almost just as hard to get off them than the cigarettes - give cold turkey a go, wishing you strength...

Thanks Roisin. Yes I'm going to give cold turkey a go first. 6 hours free so far and i usually light up within 30 mins of waking or go out to buy some within 2 hours.

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