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So I'm in the process of quitting smoking, and I'm planning on trying to allot myself a certain amount of cigarettes per day for a week then decreasing that number each week until I reach zero. Has anyone tried this and had good results? I have the will power to do this, I did it at the beginning of the year, unfortunately I had a pretty bad situation pop up in February that foiled that plan. But until that point it seemed to be working pretty well. I just don't want to supplement cigarettes with more nicotine. I want to be done with all nicotine. I'm open to ideas or even using the patch of I have to, I'd just rather be done with nicotine altogether.

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mushenValued Contributor


I've never personally heard of anybody doing this however, I do recall hearing a guy call into a radio show who had done exactly that. He'd cut down slowly by something like 1 less every few days or something. Said it took him around 6 months to completely quit. Asked if he'd go back to smoking he replied that it had taken him so long to quit he had no intention of going back and having to start over. The amount of time it took him did seem to be beneficial because the thought of having to complete another 6 months of effort was enough to put him off the temptation to return to smoking.

I believe there is more than one way to quit and that we all need to find a method that works. It clearly worked for the guy mentioned above so there is no reason it should not work for you as well.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond! The way I calculated it up was about that time length, so hopefully it works for me 🙂

mushenValued Contributor in reply to Hidden

Go for it!

Hi WeWillRise!

I'm still relatively new into my journey so I don't feel I'm qualified to advise, but just to let you know my experience so far 😊.

I put on one patch just to see how it would make me feel so I could plan quitting.. And I just didn't crave a smoke at all so tried again the next day, same again... The rest is history. I am on day 32 and I've not had a single craving which has really surprised me!

Your will power is amazing, I never would have been able to cut down gradually. The only thing I would say is with my journey I don't feel like I've given anything up at all, I don't idolise cigarettes anymore and I don't feel like I've lost a little friend. If you're confident you could quit gradually and not feel that way too then go for it ❤️. Can't wait to hear your progress!

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Thank you for that 🙂 I will keep you updated

Hello I really want to give up the fags too. As I have asthma. But I lost my brother and mum 6 months apart so I found my self smoking more than I normally would in a day. I was thinking of the weaning but I keep telling myself this is my last fag all the time and still smoking the same amount of fags 🙈😕

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I was like that when I tried to quit before this last time, and I ended up smoking more. I smoke close to if not a pack a day. So week one I did 15 cigarettes. Then week 2 I did 14 and so on and so on. It's hard quitting these things. So I completely understand where you're coming from. I'm really sorry to hear about your brother and mum

reader20191 Year Smoke Free

Hi there, I worked with a couple of people who quit this way. We are all different and have to try different things that work for us. Good luck to you

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Thank you!

LanarkValued Contributor

Just stop! It sounds like you are trying to remain a smoker. Pick a day, draw a line and step over it. I did it - and I'm an idiot - sixteen years ago. At the worst time of my life too. Never looked back. Cancer, Emphysema and Heart Disease will not gradually decide to wean themselves on to you. You'll suddenly find yourself sick and that will be that. This isn't an old lover you are trying to leave but cannot bear to be without. Smoking was never your friend. Stop tomorrow. You can do it. Two rules - stick with these and you will NEVER smoke again.

Rule 1. Never purchase any tobacco or tobacco products EVER again. That includes nicotine gum and patches. They are part of an Industry which doesn't want to lose you as a customer. Remember that.

Rule 2. Never put a cigarette or any kind of tobacco or vaping thing in your mouth EVER again.

Enjoy the rest of your healthier and wealthier life my friend.

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Thank you for your brutal honesty. I actually think I needed that 😂 it's not funny but I do truly appreciate brutal honesty

LanarkValued Contributor

Please feel free to "Go For It!". You will never regret deciding not to smoke any more. There is a whole secondary Vaping, Gum, Patches & Smoking & Tobacco Industry and PR Machine trying to convince you you can't stop. Just stop. More power to you.

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