Day 4 - mixed feelings

So halfway through day 3 i had some bad cravings, they lasted for ages but somehow I didn't buy a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. My partner helped me by telling me not to, so I'm grateful for her support. But ultimately I did it all on my own - I went through the day without smoking.

I'm a bit anxious now because I came home from the pub (only had soft drinks) and I used my ecig...Now it was only zero nicotine liquid but there might have been some nicotine residue on it. So I'm a bit scared that I'm back to day 1.

All in all a good day though.

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  • Hey Onedigeridoo - don't worry, you are not back at day 1 - the only time you will be back starting again is if a cigarette touches your lips - huge well done on beating the cravings, as said to you previously, the real mental battle is now going to begin, have that 'to do' list on hand, lots of ice cold water and above all, post here, anytime about anything, you are doing great :)

  • Thanks Roisin, I hate the ecig to be honest, it's already made my breath all raspy after ten minutes of using it.

  • Good for you to make it through the day. There can not be much residue on the e-cig. I found it useful but it sure did dry out my mouth. And as Roisin says lots of water helps.

  • Thanks cocoa and congratulations on 500 days

  • One....You are doing extremely well...I can see you really want this and that is the reason why you will taste the sweet taste of victory....Once there, there is no going back...Enjoy the rollercoaster ride...All the ups and downs but never backwards...Stay strong !!

  • Thanks Hercu, I hope i get there

  • No, you are not back to day 1. An e-cig can be used as a form of NRT and if you are using it with 0mg nicotine it really is nothing more than a 'prop' to help you through. Any nicotine residue would have been negligible so do not worry. I used an e-cig for 2 weeks to get me over the initial stages, others use them for longer.

    To go through the entire day without smoking is brilliant, just brilliant! It takes 3 days for nicotine to leave the body so you are doing really well.

    Keep going. We all know exactly where you are in your quit so you are not alone.

    Well done ☺☺☺

  • Thanks Mushen, I was worried about the ecig but i hope it will be ok.

  • Of course it will! You are doing a great job. Have a little faith in yourself. 😊

  • Thanks Mushen, i suppose I've done really well so far and i can continue.

  • Indeed you can. ☺

  • I think so and i hope so. Thanks for your support

  • I'm only 7 days pass you. The first week is prob the hardest. I got an app for my phone that will tell me how much money I've saved by not smoking, how many cigs I haven't had, and the hours and min I have saved for my life. Just keep up the good work and it's good you have support.

  • Thanks Gator, well done for doing so well.

  • Will pray that God will give you the strength you need..

  • Thanks i will pray for you too

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