Hi everyone, sorry I have not been posting a lot, but it was a hard first few days being a non smoker, until I bought my E-cigarette! I purchased my E-cig (vape) whatever 2 days ago, it has 0% nicotine in! The people I bought it from didn't believe 0% nicotine would work for somebody trying to stop smoking but it did! You might think that I'm constantly smoking that now, but I maybe take a puff of it a few times a day. This has literally changed the game for me, I can now say I am a happy non smoker because I know I won't have a cigarette again!! I highly recommended this to anyone who is really struggling and feels hopeless as if you are doomed to smoking, because this really worked for me. I was out with those friends yesterday, they all offered my cigarettes like last time but I had no need, after a few drinks I had a puff of my vape and I was good. I hope this helps some people, but it might not work for all! But I feel so relieved and hopeful again after this!

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  • Well done you!! Lauravm, especially resisting the offer of those disgusting things...

    You sound much more positive than the first time you posted (sorry if I was a bit harsh but it was for your own good!!) - I have every faith that you will succeed this time and I really wish you all the best with it.

    Mel :D

  • Thank you!!

  • Hi well done you!!! I am just about to embark on this journey can I ask what kind of e-cig did you get?

  • Just a normal small one, not really sure in technical terms...but just got the smallest most practical one! Accompanied with 0% nicotine flavors you put in!

  • Good luck Gillyo66 - you CAN do it! :D

  • I week smoke free hooooray :)

  • Good on ya.

  • Thank you!

  • Glad your still doing good. I am 43 days(almost 6 wks) 😀 into my journey of not smoking . I am using the patch, tried wellbutrin and i am really not sure about that drug. Lol but i do know i used the vape pen in the first few weeks . Mine also had no nicotine in it. It helped get me passed that hand to mouth habit, and actually inhaling and exhaling . I stopped it about 1 or 2 weeks ago. Idk why i stopped it but it just seemed silly to me. But never the less it was there and i still have it and would use it again if I have to. Anything to not smoke a cigarette is the goal right ? . Im unfortunately dealing with teeth issues. Have to get 2 pulled on Tuesday and thats stressing me out but i guess we have to remember that life doesnt stop just cause we quit smoking right ? 😏

    Take care and keep doing well in your journey ! ❤

  • Yes! Well done, you should be really proud! ❤️

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