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Two months Tuesday

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Alby379 Months Smoke Free

I’m so happy with my partner & myself! We decided to give up together because it would be easier to, so we thought and more successful. Tried before solo and I gave in within a week. The first month of giving up was difficult and I’m not going to lie. I used Zyban whilst my partner, had Champex. He did fine on the champex but I didn’t fair so well with the Zyban. I gave it up after only taking it for the month. I felt as though I started to become a little depressed, and my head felt like there was this tight band wrapped around the front of it. I started to suffer from headaches. The beginning of my side effects, were nothing in the way my withdrawals were. Once I came off the Zyban, 5 days later I had a few very depressive moments where I lost myself, as in depersonalisation. I felt moments of deep anger and rage inside me, followed by episodes of crying. My emotions were sky high, an emotional wreck for the following week afterwards. On the up side of things it did help me to give away the cigarettes I had very little cravings surprisingly.

Now I feel a lot better and almost back to my natural self. My partner gave up the champex at the same time as I did. He has no bad side effects what so ever....very lucky! He also joined the gym from the beginning of giving up smoking. I wish I had done the same. I am now currently going to the gym, started almost two weeks ago. To try and tame my newly found interest in food! I’ve found a new best friend & I’m eating like no tomorrow, so to combat my snack attacks it’s off to the gym on a regular basis for me now. Before I chuck on 20 pounds!

Overall our cravings are little and few now. We discovered we can go out and enjoy ourselves with a few alcoholic beverages without getting bad cravings. This was something we both worrried about. But I think after a while of not smoking you kind of forget about it when your out and it does become easier with time. After 23 years of smoking for the both of us every day. I thought it was going to be a lot harder but I think it makes it a lot easier when you have someone sitting in the same boat as you!

~ fingers crossed to making it to our third month ~ Good Luck to all the other quitters reading this :)

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Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free

Wow Alby, congratulations on two months free! Loved reading your post and that you and your partner quit together. You have a great attitude re: gym. Sorry you had such an awful experience with Zyban, my goodness. Glad that's behind you and now it's off to a healthy life for you!

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Welcome Alby37 - congrats on 2 months for yourself and your partner, it is great to have that support but do also be aware that it is your own individual journey and nothing or nobody should jeopardize it :)

You have a great positive attitude and mindset which will stand to you, well done! Looking forward to reading your progress!

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

3 months smoke free now Alby37 - how are you getting on?

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