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First month smoke free

HI again to all of you who helped me a lot in the first few days. I am here to show off a bit with a month smoke free cold turkey. It feels like a year so smoking is so distant now and hope to keep it that far. Next target is 3 months. So far I feel good and whistles from my chest and morning coughing are rear conditions so in only 3 weeks I can notice improvement - imagine what will be in a year. Hope to stay focused and I can say now from my experience that the focus and the correct mind set are the most important, all is there in our heads.

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What a great 1 month post poptosh - congratulations and well done. Definitely the positive mindset is key to success in remaining smoke free, keep thinking of all the benefits and you still have so much more great benefits yet to experience, from enjoying summer to getting more and more healthier each day you are smoke free ;)

You are doing so well, keep it up!


Hey poptosh - 6 months smoke free, how are you getting on now?


Poptosh...Imagine how it will feel after 3 years because it escalates...from strenght to strenght.

I am glad you are feeling good...Victory is sweet..!!


hi poptosh

its certainly is a good feeling,

well done,the time will pass fast.

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


This is top stuff popstosh! I'm a totally freezing Cold Turkey man myself. 12 years, three and a half months stopped being a smoker and never looked back (except to laugh at what an idiot I was for starting in the first place). Wise guys realise that it is a mental attitude which wins. You have stopped being a smoker 30-odd days ago. It's over. You are NOT on a "giving-up smoking journey". That journey was over the day you stepped over the line and stopped. You were never "trying-to-quit" anything - you simply decided to stop being a smoker. Brilliant. That is the mental attitude to have. There can be NO negotiation. Your body is thanking you, your loved ones will love you for this, you will be richer, happier, healthier and you wont be contributing to Imperial Tobacco's Pension Plan for their shareholders (who don't give a damn about you). Good on you. Any little pangs soon pass, just do something else and like an annoying playground pest they'll run off and annoy someone else. You will never regret doing this.

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