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Life after quit

shivprataps100 Days Smoke Free

Hello everyone i quit smoking on 30th June 2018 i.e. exactly 23 days ago.

i haven't smoked or had a drink since that time.

i have made some plans for my life to make use of things that i will get because of quitting my useless , time wasting, health wasting and money wasting habits.

below are the things that i now realize i have added to my life.

1. number is health i have lost extra weight, my skin is better i can breath and do exercise now. this will probably make me live healthier for longer than i could have. i have joined running club and do running 3-4 days per week i have started doing 3 km in one go which i never though possible. i also do yoga, have been eating fruits and vegetables, i was doing none of this earlier. i have realized quitting not only helps in directly but also indirectly that you chose healthier options in life. i have planned i will continue to live this way.

2. number 2 is time added to my life. after quit i am not distracted by smoking thoughts and am more focused on it which helps me finish my tasks earlier and save time for exercise , learning, family and friends. also i have quit drinking , drinking was taking my time away as i would spend evenings drinking and sometime with headaches next day. i plan to keep this same and save add time in my life with just these two things.

3. last and not least is money. i am going to save 20000 Indian rupees every month(approx 350 USD pm ) this extra money that i have now i will keep adding that in another ETF(exchange trading fund) and will use it only for my little girls higher education. in 15 years i should be able to save 63K USD and if i add growth it should become 150-200K by that time.

These three things i have written in short form on my desk, pasted it to remind me what i am gaining and will continue to gain.

Thanks for reading

wish you all happy and healthy life

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Excellent and positive motivational post, keep up that great mindset🤔🤗

Congratulations and well done on 23 days, you are doing fantastic 🚭💪👏

helpmequit2 Years Smoke Free

Good luck shivprataps, 23 days is a great achievement - well done. Thanks for sharing your story, you have a great strategy and fantastic motives. I wish you success, good health and happiness :-)

Jwk19621 Year Smoke Free

23 days and closing in on your first month... fantastic. 🔠🚭Jeff


1 month now shivprataps - hope you are continuing to do well?

shivprataps100 Days Smoke Free

hi, thanks for asking yes, i am still going ahead without smoke. but once in a while i miss smoking specially when i am around places where i used to smoke or doing something when i used to smoke. but i remind myself always, i will have to bear this feeling for 1-2 years for far greater gains. i hope i succeed.


in reply to shivprataps

How is things now shivprataps ?

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