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No Smoking Day
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Rewards after quitting

To quit smoking is definitely the most rewarding effort in our lives. Not only for the fact that it is much healthier but there is truly a new life out there.

You see life in a total different perspective and do not hide behind the false happiness smoking gave us..! The total feeling of freedom is certainly the best reward and the fact that I can make my own happiness and do not rely on a drug like nicotine, makes me feel so much more in charge of my life...

We all thought that the best reward will be the money we are saving...Yes... in a certain way it is huge. I do not save that money but use it to enjoy the new healthy life bestowed upon me the day I stopped...

Nothing in the world should force us to return to the enslavement and entrapment...We as humans want to be free and then we allow ourselves to be slaves of something so stupid like smoking...Unforgivable..!!

Had a super Kayak fishing weekend in the company of 5 smoking youngsters half my age and the fact that I could keep up and in some case lasted longer was so satisfying and rewarding…!

There definitely is a better life out there non smoking…

Good luck and many strongs to all new quitters..!! You can do it …!!

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Great post Hercu. Such an encouragement. Thanks for inspiring all of us that quit much later than you. Your posts give much needed hope.

Am stoked you outdid some o the youngsters. I bet that did feel good. At 50 am feeling it. Good to know there's another & better side to the quit...even at my age.

Hope the youngsters on here listen to you and don't wait as long as i did and pay higher price for it.

Great pic! Am wondering how you paddle back to shore w that monster fish. Is there room in the kayak or does he "swim" behind you on a line?

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The youngsters are still enjoying smoking..and whilst you enjoy smoking you will never stop...But being the example there they all agreed that if that is what no smoking can present to a man twice their age it is worth to stop soon..

There is a nice Fish hatch the whole lenght of te kayak...Might be able to put 4 of those in there..!


Well very good on you being a fine example of s better life to them. Kudos.

Very cool about your fish hatch. Thats some set up you got there. Can imagine 4 of those big boys in the hatch floppin around could make quite a different journey home :)

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Just re your fish hatch Hercu, aren't there sharks around that would be attracted by your catch?


Yes, Indigo...we are "Taxed" but not attacked....and like all tax collectors, if you pay up you are left alone for time being......Once the shark took half your Tuna or King Mackrel whilst reeling in, they ease off..Never felt in danger with sharks around.

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I would still be scared haha.

I'm also thinking that the shape of your kayak might somewhat deter them from inspecting you closer. It's a lot bigger than a boogie board that surfies use :)

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You always have the best pictures Hercu. I wish some of that water to where it is needed.

I was outside a building last week waiting for a friend. A young woman was smoking, so I asked her when her quit date was. 26, a quant trader, seemed very bright and pleasant. She obviously knew how harmful it was, and I hate being a hypocrite as I ignored hundreds of people with good advice through the years. She said she would quit before she's 30. A fine line to tread between educating and lecturing.


CocoaX...Thank you and yes it is only 80 km from our farm as the crow fly but pity it is salty..

It is cloudy early morning but later in the day the clouds disappears...and so does the promise of rain...We had some early morning showers totalling 3 mm for Jan..!

We were all lectured how bad smoking is but never listened....until we felt the damage..Crazy


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