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Two years!

kpulliam782 Years Smoke Free

I've made it two years! Quitting was one of the best decisions I've ever made. In the time since I've quit I've lost weight, gotten in shape and can now run up to ten miles! My heart condition is gone, and asthma is much better, typically only have a flair when allergies are bad. I've gotten my finances in order; it's easier when you have $10 extra per day not going to smokes! I'm just more productive overall. It's amazing how much time you have when you aren't wasting your life smoking! For those of you starting, it is hard, but it is so worth it. This is the best gift you will ever give yourself. Happy New Year!

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KathieO100 Days Smoke Free

Congratulations 🎉 and what a happy New Years!

HercuValued Contributor

Nice one kpulliam...Congrats on 2 years and thank you for nailing it ...

Prosperous 2019..!!

kpulliam782 Years Smoke Free
in reply to Hercu

Thank you!

GazzabSA50 Days Smoke Free

2 Years that sounds so far rite now!, but well done you must feel wonderful

kpulliam782 Years Smoke Free
in reply to GazzabSA

I really do. It does seem so far away when you start, but it goes by before you know it! Best of luck to you in your quit!


Great to hear from you kpulliam78 - huge congratulations on 2 years smoke free and your new healthier and better lifestyle, well done!!

kpulliam782 Years Smoke Free
in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you! I still check in every once in a while, even if I don't comment. I'm sure I'll be back posting this time next year😜

lagatachocolate2 Years Smoke Free

Congratulations, kp; well done. I use the same app to track my quit 😊

Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free

Wow, very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your success. 2 years looks pretty darn good on that phone App !!

kpulliam782 Years Smoke Free
in reply to Quit4Money

Thank you☺ It sure does.

gggg1237 Years Smoke Free

Wow I wish that had happened to me ! I just got fat, didn't really notice the money after a month but I'd hate to try and find the money to buy cigarettes with now. I can agree on the lung thing though, our lungs aren't designed to have smoke put in them every 45 minutes

Good luck with the future !.

kpulliam782 Years Smoke Free
in reply to gggg123

Well the weigh loss wasn't without a good deal of effort. I'd lost 40 pounds prior to quitting. I gained some back at first. Probably about half what I'd lost within the first year. Then I lost it again along with a bit more, and got in shape. It was a journey for sure lol. Congrats on your quit as well! 7 years is great!!!

gggg1237 Years Smoke Free
in reply to kpulliam78

Thanks, lucky you !. I'm into bodybuilding and the extra weight helped me gain more mass but I gained alot of weight and then leveled out at a slightly lower weight, but I do weigh alot more than I did when I smoked.

Good luck with the quit though...

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