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Not been here for a while

Rjg45500 Days Smoke Free

Well I’m still plodding along , I’m at the point where I’ve totally forgotten about cigs I Think 🤔 it’s weird and puts a smile on your face 😎

I carry on as per without them crossing my mind ..

18 August 2017 was my last cig ..the day I was taken into hospital...

I still say this though to my wife my friends , “ If I hadn’t got Ill will pneumonia and the state I got into , I’d still be smoking “ !

So it done me a favour, I wasn’t enjoying smoking anymore anyhow but after 25/30 yrs’s in you !

When I read on here with all the failings after a few days etc it makes me realise how strong the addiction is and how I’ve managed to come through the other side .

Even doctors telling to me seek professional help as for when I’m better I will start again .. but as said , the pain i was in plus coughing blood and pus out of my lungs was time to say enough is enough ....

cold turkey was hard but it got easier as it goes on , keeping occupied was a big one for me.. Don’t get bored !!!

I’m not in anyway giving it large that I’ve done it and some haven’t ..

Just want to give encouragement ..That it can be done , it does get done and it’s so weird when it’s finally out your system and you realise you don’t need it ... and the smell of other people smoking is gross ..I hate it , it absolutely stinks !

Unfortunately I’ve gained a couple of stone and can feel it with shirts etc .. so exercise, diet is now the target ...

So wishing everyone success weather your doing it cold turkey or with medicinal help , please stay positive day to day ...days turn to weeks , weeks to months and then suddenly your an ex smoker 👍....

ps ...The extra money each month is very very nice treat yourself to things you couldn’t afford before 👍

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hi Rjg45

its always nice to nip in and say hello.

its great your so possative,but do keep on guard,you never know,

I had a fail at 6 months 3 sigs I think in a couple of hours,BIG mistake,

anyway,take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

Rjg45500 Days Smoke Free in reply to Hidden

Yes I know it can happen

Well I’m nearing 9 months now but as said , getting ill like that has made me be a little more respectful to my lungs lol


Great update Rjg45, you are plodding nicely and quietly, well done!

Jwk19621 Year Smoke Free

Very true Rig45. 🚭🔠 Jeff.

Spoilt1 Year Smoke Free

Well done and I congratulate you. I know with getting ill opens your eyes. That’s what happened to me I’ve smoked for over 40 yrs. well no more. I commend you for doing cold turkey. Keep it up. 👍

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