Gearing up!

Hi everybody. A big hello to anyone who is making the 9th March their Giant Step, like me.

I guess that many of you who are already on your journey will say, 'why wait for the 9th?' Well, it's because I think that after 50 years of smoking, it is a Giant Step. And not an easy one.

For health reasons, I'm hell bent on going cold turkey. I'm feeling your nudges already. Ha.

Sometime in the next 4/6 months I am having cataracts removed from both eyes. The problem is that I can't lie down without coughing and as this operation is done by local anaesthetic while lying flat - I guess it wouldn't take place.

I take my hat off to you all for taking this big step and hope that you will wish me luck with my 'turkey '.

I enjoyed smoking so I know that it's going to be hard. I'm really going to need your support.

Strength and good luck to you all.

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  • Oh dear, I think that this newbie has posted to the wrong place. Should have introduced myself. Sorry.

  • Hi Trasha...Welcome and be assured you will have all our support.. Congrats on the big step and although it is a hell off a ride it is worth it..Stay strong and post frequently...It helps...!

  • I cold turkeyed and think it is the only way. Over 4 years now. Actually as long as you really want to stop you will be able to do it. Good luck.

  • Welcome Trasha and well done on making the best decision of your life to quit, wishing you strength and success for the 9 March. Try to read up as much as possible on what to expect.

    I too quit cold turkey almost 6 months ago and never looked back, it is a roller coaster of ride but all worth it so much. Look forward to seeing you on Day 1 shortly

  • Thank you to each for your replies. It's so good to know that you're there.

    I'm a widow, living alone and so don't have any support. I only have two friends and unfortunately for me, they are both heavy smokers.

    I'm telling myself that with your support I will crack it. Hard though I know it's going to be. 5 days to lift off! Ooh. See you soon.

  • Welcome Trasha!

    Sorry to say I won't be wishing you luck - because the truth is, you don't need luck! So often a quit is approached with great trepidation and very little self confidence. You've got to believe in yourself - the truth is that this is completely within your grasp, success is there for the taking. There is absolutely nobody who can take your quit away from you, only you can throw it away!

    Please don't ever think you enjoy smoking - that's an illusion every ex-smoker (myself included) believed, but the truth is that you don't enjoy not smoking. It may sound like wordplay, but if you think about it, it's a very different thing. What you 'enjoy' is relieving those withdrawal pangs and feeling normal again. Battle your way through those first weeks and you'll come to realise that you start to feel 'normal' all the time.

    Keep your eye on the prize, and never stop believing in yourself - I can promise you it's the best thing you will ever do.

  • Excellent post AnEgg, good to see on here.....

    Trasha, stay close to the forum when you start and post as often as you need to....

  • Good for you... I quit after 50yrs smoking and like you, I still enjoyed smoking.. BUT it IS worth it.. 8yrs now for me; I never ever thought I could do it .. I used Champix so not cold turkey but if that's yr plan.. You CAN do it... Take each day at a time ..Say to yrself "I chose not to smoke today" when you wake in the morning.. Don't do the "I'll never smoke again.. It's too frightening after 50yrs!!! Read one of Allen Carr's books... Good luck..

  • Thank you so much for your replies and giving me positive thoughts. I'm finding that I am really over-thinking the few days left now - counting down, but still trying to remain positive.

    See you all soon.

  • Go for it. I stopped over two years and it was the best decision I ever made. Think about where you'll be in a year smoke free for 12 months - that'll help you through the short term when you're ridding yourself of the habit. Good luck!!

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