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No Smoking Day
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Hi everybody. I am 48 and have smoked since I was 11, with a 6 month gap in 2015/6.

Last year my goal was to lose weight so I lost 4 stone by October.

This year my goal is to live healthier so I very rarely drink now AND I smoked my last cigarette on the 23rd January so I am now 10 days in.

I did use a nicotine replacement patch for one day but since then I have gone cold turkey.

After the first 4 days I found I wasn't really thinking about cigs, maybe just a couple of times a day. If I do find my mind wandering I just go and get a glass of water. It soon passes.

I really hope the next few months will be as easy as this, only time (and stresses of life) will tell.

Thanks for reading and for any words of encouragement ☺

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Welcome Lanclass and congratulations. It sounds like you are doing well. Water is great when you get craves. Anything is if it helps distract you from them. Over the long term it gets easier but in the short term there are always bumps, so the best advice is to never get complacent. The pinned posts are helpful to see what ever people have experienced in the timeframe you are going through. Best of luck.


Well done on 10 days Lancass, losing weight and desiring healthier lifestyle. I smoke 35 years and quit , was a die hard smoker so if i can i know you can.

Nearing 50 helps us prioritize eh? Good on you for 10 days. Your attitude is admirable. Keep that up! Roison (administrater) has a refreshing water recipe w cucmber lemon mint that is very refreshing.


Huge welcome to our community lancslass and congratulations on 10 days smoke free, well done!

As Exsmo advised, water was my savior, the colder the better :P

Below is a link to some pinned posts worth a read if not already done so, we look forward to reading your progress, post anytime, we are here to help (I stopped cold turkey over 2 years ago and here to tell the tale ;) )


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Welcome lancslass - its a great family here as can be very lonely when you stop and good to have and share experiences, good and bad with others going through the same thing, I too stopped cold turkey 2 years ago on New Years Day there, you CAN do this, read up as much as you can here and follow their journeys to help you along :)


nice always good to read goals


How are you getting on lancslass ?


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