Holiday Temptation??

so I'm only on day 6 of vaping and having not smoked a real cigarette. But I'm due to go on holiday in two weeks and I'm terrified and actually pretty sure that Il buy cigs as soon as I land since they are cheap and the atmosphere changes.

I was vaping for 6 weeks this time last year and was doin so well and went on holiday, took my ecigs with me but once I landed at my apartment BAM went straight to the shop and bought cigs and that has been me on them again since that happened last year ...

can anyone give me any good advice on how to not give into the temptation of buying them. All I imagine is sitting on my balcony in the evening or by the pool with my fags but I really don't want to.

its just like when I Get over there everything changes. Can anyone relate to this please?????

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  • I can completely relate to it as I had (and still have) this love affair with sitting outside on a lovely warm evening, smoking cigars. I found the thought of not doing it really daunting too but I was months into my quit before I went on holiday so it wasn't too bad.

    The only advice I can give is to try to get through the first day. I think it's the thought of not smoking and therefore not having a good time that's scary. If you can get through the first day and it's enjoyable then maybe you'll be able to make it through the week.

    I'm going to have to practice what I preach as well because I'm going on holiday to Menorca in August and I'm ALREADY thinking about smoking!

  • thanks Nozmo. I cant even explain how much this is playing on my mind. I should be looking forward to the holiday but in a way I'm dreading it.

  • I know exactly how much it's playing on your mind because it played on mine too. Try to think positively about it though...don't keep telling yourself that you're going to fail. Give it a shot!

  • Ah lovely Nozmo, ye have got me both thinking about holidays now :O haven't booked or looked into anything this year yet, think thats my afternoon sorted now having a look!!

    Think the preparation is the trick to overcome it as worked last year for me.

  • Go for it Roisin; nice wind down after your exams...

  • Hey LeesaD well done on Day 6 of vaping, you are doing great!

    With regards the holiday temptation - keep reading the replies you got about it on your first post here and do all you can to prepare yourself:

    Also, our FordyP went on a skiing trip pretty early on in his quit too and is now over a year smoke free, here is some of his posts while on holiday, they really are inspiring - as said to you previously, you have to be 100% determined have a plan in place to deal and overcome it - you are on the right track with posting here and preparing yourself

  • thanks so much Roisin. Your an amazing help!!

  • Leesa...I can relate...My first trip out on the Kayak was a terrible experience without that usual cigarette after a nice catch...But it is mind over matter..Stay strong and you will be victorious !!!!

  • I hope I'm as strong willed as you! :)

  • You just identified a smoking trigger. Don't sit by the pool. Go for a long walk instead.

    Or do something else in the evening (Don't drink alcohol), maybe play cards, jogging etc.

    I stopped coffee first thing in the morning and that seemed to take care of mornings.

    You have had the good sense to give this awful habit up. Well done!!!

  • Thanks Mikey I guess Il just have to replace old habits with better ideas that don't include nastys...

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