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4 months - Who would have thought!

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Setbackpatch1 Year Smoke Free

It was 4 months on the 18th. Wow. At times I still can't believe that I escaped the demon and have found a better life! No more plotting, planning and sneaking away for a cig. No more worrying about how badly I smell. No more searching for a place to light up at each airport or going through security just to smoke. I went on a cruise and found myself at the back of the ship in the smoking area one morning. Actually sat down and had a cup of coffee with friends. It was OK!

Do I still think about cigs? Not really instead I have a sensation of missing something. An unsettled feeling. Its easy to take note of the sensation, accept and move on. Concentration and mind clarity is returning. Its an interesting journey that I'm so glad I'm traveling.

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CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Even after two plus years I think about cigs. It's not often and craves are infrequent, but they still show up. I still think it's strange that I don't smoke, after polluting my body for 30 years. But I call it nostalgia. To an extent I think I relate my youth and good memories, to smoking since I was always smoking.

Close to 50 degrees in NY, so time to go outside,

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Exsmo in reply to CocoaXChange

Wow Cocoa i think i relate it to my youth too. Makes sense 35 years here. Your posts encouage me when i think i just smoke too long for --- to go away then i read posts like yours and see success! Thanks for staying and helping us newer to the quit people. Rather awesome of you! Much appreciated.

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CocoaXChangeValued Contributor in reply to Exsmo

The best part of this site Exsmo is that everyone helps each other.

Never too late. But I do often think, why did I not do this years ago. Not so much why did I start when I was a teenager, but why didn't I quit in my 30s when supposedly I was mature and intelligent :) But better late than never.

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NozmoValued Contributor

Great post Setbackpatch Sums it all up!

Am right behind you Setbackpatch. It is a ride. Agree with the clarity coming back. Wonderful to be at this side of the hill eh?

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Setbackpatch1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Exsmo

Everyday gets a bit easier but.....my guard is still up to prevent a slip. Worked too hard do do something stupid. I always remember that I wasn’t ever calm and satisfied when smoking so going back isn’t the answer.

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Setbackpatch

Great to hear from you Setbackpatch and that you are in such a good positive mindset :)

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