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No Smoking Day
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5 months strong 6 months on the 22nd

Hey Guys hope everyone’s quit is going well. I just past my 5th month milestone, I’m completely out of the fatigue and irritability phase, just found out I’m having my first kid and can’t be more excited at the fact that I’ve quit to make sure my kid never sees me do this.... more motivation!!!!

I have a question, I’m still having chest tightness but no where near as bad when it originally started, I had an ekg and chest x-ray noth came back healthy and negative, do any of you have anything that worked for you in terms of the chest tightness?

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Thank precautions if you have medical issue as this is a strong drink and am not sure how it might effect you (allergies, high blood pressure etc.)

but if you like to try it:

First try I would recommend to skip the garlic.

Everything gets grated down to past like, and I use this Japanese hand-held grater holes not punched through, but any grater would work I think. link below


-raw garlic, one clove

-raw ginger, about the same size as the garlic clove

-raw turmeric

-tea spoon apple cider vinegar

-table spoon raw honey (whole foods) or more depending on your taste

-2 table spoons of lemon or lime

and the hot water

the ginger is most helpful with the cravings, health benefits are great just research.



I’m healthy as an ox. 27 former college athlete just really bad with the smoking

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So agree with that-s-it post. Have used grated ginger in heated water w lemon. Really clears you up. Know these other herbs/spices are very beneficial also... Tumeric was recommended to me by health specialist. Works wonders on clearing lungs. Ginger lemon & honey will too if thats sll you have.

Huge congrats on your kiddo. What a special time of life. Will joy with you they never will see you fag in hand. Well done & great motivation eh? Keep up the great work young blood.


do you remember when you got rid of the fatigue and irritability or it comes and goes?


It’s completely gone


I clearly didn’t answer your question and I’m sorry, it took about 90days


Great to hear from you Diddydelz, wow, huge congratulations on your exciting news of expecting your first baby, definitely the motivation to keep you going strong!!

With regards the chest tightness, I know I experienced this and still do now and again especially after being around people who smoke...... it is a gradually process for our body to heal, especially our lungs and heart - I found taking a spoonful of honey (raw if possible but jar honey ok too) every morning and evening good to help clear out the lungs and also vaporized with Eucalyptus oil/vicks at least once a week.

Also eating lots of fish (oily) is great for the heart and lungs....

Wishing you all the best in both your smoke free journey and pregnancy, how far are you gone?


My wife is about two months so far. She’s suffering from daily nausea and me with the chest tightness but not so bad lol


Oh my god Diddydelz - I am so sorry, talk about putting my foot in it!!

My sister swore by ginger biscuits for the nausea :)

Definitely try honey and vaporizing for the chest tightness.


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