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4 months and hanging in there

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Ruthess289 Months Smoke Free

Hello all. I've just realised that I'm 4 months and 4 days into my quit and I didn't even realise! So much is changing it's hard to keep up - I'm moving house (and towns), changing job and supporting my sister through a tough patch, all whilst trying not to eat my own body weight in bread products every day. Doing okay actually, but I am thinking about getting a t-shirt that says "I heart toast" on the front. The bumps I have had seem to be my brain playing tricks on me so that I feel a bit claustrophobic and panicky when I think about never smoking again. But I know it's a hoax, so I walk it off. Luckily I am moving to a place with a promenade, so there'll be no shortage of distance to walk, nor fresh air to breathe :) Really, really trying to stay positive....

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Oh Ruthess, thrilled to read your update. Just want you to change below:

'Really, really trying to stay positive....' - remove the 'really, really trying to stay' as your post is extremely positive with all you have going on, moving towns, house, jobs and caring and helping your sister. Wow, that is remarkable. Well done!

4 months has just flown by and you will be 6 months in no time. You truly have your quit nailed. Keep up the fight and ready to attack at all times.

Wishing you the best and success with your new adventures and that things come good for your sister :)

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MrsNicoFree100 Days Smoke Free

Well done Ruthess on over 4 months.

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HercuValued Contributor

Ruthess...You are a star by coping with all the weight on your shoulders...and I don't mean from eating all that bread...My wife always said she cant have one slice of bread because she needs two : one for each hip....Stay positive as you are and soon you will start to forget that you ever smoked !!

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Woohoo 4 months and 4 days quit! Congratulations Ruthess, superb job! I fully understand the toast problem ... hot buttered, cold buttered ... different spreads on top ... toasted sandwiches ... ok so now I'm hungry and I've already eaten lunch ... :(

Try not to think about never smoking again EVER - that used to make me break out in a cold sweat - ever is a really long time when your in the grip of a crave. How about just not smoking today. Then when tomorrow arrives, again you will not smoke for today, and repeat, repeat, repeat. Simple but certainly kept me calm.

Your brain will continue to try and play tricks on you for a while yet - it's getting desperate you see but continue ignoring it and walking it off. It will give up in the end!

Totally jealous of the promenade to walk along - that'll be fantastic in blustery weather - blow away the cobwebs!

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Hidden

I hear ya Miscy about the promenade, lucky you Ruthess :) And did someone mention bread, jaysus, I absolutely adore it, could live off it and nothing else if I could, unfortunately I tend to turn into Blueberry Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate factory...

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Tracey31 Year Smoke Free

So wonderful you have reached over 4 month, not least by the fact, you have shown such inner strength, in my book, this should mean a celebration of some kind.

I agree that hunger feeling is very intense at times, I just have soup on the go at all times (might admit to having a bowl or 4 in the middle of the night)

Big changes ahead of you, so keeping everything crossed, good times ahead

Well done

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Abuelajeannie3 Years Smoke Free

Fantastic over 4 months quit don't try to stay positive, just stay positive, you are over the worst now.

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FordyP3 Years Smoke Free

Ruthess28 you are doing just great. Moving house and town as well - you really are strong. Enjoy the walks on the prom

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Ruthess289 Months Smoke Free

Thank you for all your wonderful replies and fab advice (as always) - it really helps - and I definitely think I'll be cooking more once I'm settled in my new place - let the battle of the bulge commence! :D

Re-writing my CV again today - hopefully for the final time this year - to try and help me get a job as a nursery nurse once I finish the temp job I'm in at the moment. I used to manage a nursery and am trying to get back into it, post-divorce/life implosion. There's no stopping now......positivity indeed! :)

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Ruthess28

Going through new adventures too Ruthess28 at the moment - I was made redundant last month, leaving the company I worked in since I left college 20 years ago on 19 August, starting a Professional Cookery course on 05 September, its something I have a huge passion for and always wanted to do, now is my opportunity to do it :) Wishing you success and the best and hope all works out for both of us!

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Eire_Cailin756 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Good luck to both of you, I am sure you will be a success!

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Ruthess289 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Oh my gosh! I did notice from some of your previous posts about the redundancy that was happening at your workplace, but I didn't realise you were taking it. That's huge Roisin, both an ending and a beginning, I really wish you lots of luck.

Thank you for wishing me luck, I'm feeling determined! The cookery course sounds fantastic and what a wonderful way of celebrating your first year without cigarettes (and the new lease of life that it gives you).

Changes are big and scary sometimes but I do think that the only way to live a happy life is to embrace them. Best of luck, you'll love it I'm sure! :D

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Ruthess28

Thanks Ruthess, this is my 4th redundancy process in the space of 6 years, I didn't go for it the last 3 times but this time, I had no choice, I was made compulsory redundant along with the other 34 fellow colleagues in my department. They are moving it from current location to a 150km commute which is not feasible for any of us to do....

Yeah, I hear ya with being big and scary, but I will never have this opportunity again and have the financial support from the package I will be getting to do this. Feeling determined too, we can do this :)

PS Love you new profile picture :)

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