4 Months Today!

Cant believe i even just wrote that. My partner told me that his father said awww she wont stick it she will be back on the fags and that has made me even more determined. Funny though to my face hes like oh well done keep going!

Anyways! Feel great and to everyone that has put down their last fag i take my hat off to u all!! Anytime spent not smoking is an achievement to be proud off cus its hard!

Happy Friday!

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  • Leesa.. Yes Thank you...Yes, part of the nice of being a successfull quitter is that everybody who had thoughts is quit but the total best is the new quality of life...Wonderfull !!!

  • Well done LeesaD - take it as a positive that your partners Dad didn't think you could do it, had a few of them in my journey too - he isn't a smoker by any chance?

  • WAS a smoker but been off them a few years. I take it as a challenge to prove him and others wrong. And myself for doubting i could do it!

  • Well, you certainly showed him!! Well done! 😃😃

  • Happy 100 days!! I can't wait to get that far too :)

  • Well done im 4 months 7 days 😊 i was just wondering if we had the same in-laws lol. Its great proving them wrong isnt it. Keep holding your head high and keep grining just because you know you got this!!!

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