Out of the blocks

At 4pm yesterday I had my last fag. So now begins the marathorn of quitting. Sleep has been terrible with the champix. Tossing and turning and weird dreams.

Mornings are hardest for me so trying to keep busy to take my mind off it.

Taking a day at a time. I know from previous experience not to think too far ahead and worry about upcoming events etc. I will have to deal with as it happens.

I do have a zero nicotine cig if a emergency occurs but hoping not to use it.

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  • Congrats and stay strong. It is worth it.

  • Laura..Welcome ...Congratulations, you are out of the blocks, Jump the obstacles, walk if you are tired, run when it is downhill.... but never stop...Keep on moving...You can do this !!

  • Ah laura6, its great to see you here in Day 1 - how is it going for you now? Stay close to us and re-read the pinned posts from your previous post... :)

  • Its been 24hrs according to my app. Not too bad. Went for a lovely walk this afternoon and breathed in some lovely fresh air. I can feel myself being alittle bit shaky and biting my tongue. Gonna take a herbal pill i think got some lavendar kalms in the cupboard .

  • Good for you Laura, just back from a lovely walk myself in the crisp winter sunshine, see nature in a new found light since I stopped and loving it :O

    Yeah, the irritability and anxiety is perfectly normal and good call to take some herbal supplements, you are doing great :)

  • How is Day 2 going for you laura6 ?

  • Been harder today for some reason. Maybe its because I faced alot of triggers today. The main one rewarding myself when I do my housework, whats that all about? So in my head you have moped the floor, well done now you can have a fag lol.

    Done my shopping now you can stand by the car and have one. You are such a clever girl you have walked round tesco for an hr with a trolley. What was we thinking ? Im chuffed with myself that Im not giving it. Long may it last.

    Thanks for checking up on me Roisin01

  • For each one of these cravings overcome, the easier it will be the next time and even sometimes you won't have it again, its the habit and programming of our nicotine brains not getting their fix when they usually would have it. Well done today ;)

    Have a read of my post below, I done up last week if not already read just to be aware of the out the blue ones. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit so should be over the worst of these daily cravings by then....


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