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No Smoking Day
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Tricky Little Things

Hey ya'll!

So I went and completed my first Warrior Dash yesterday and it was so nice to do something athletic after only dreaming about it in the past. I did pretty good and felt good after. That night a few family members and I went to a haunted house and as we waited outside in line for over an hour I could sometimes smell the nicotine lingering in the air.

My brother was pinching a big dip of tobacco in his fingers and asked (as he always does, jokingly) if I want some. I told him no but that cigarette sure smelled good. He said, "Don't do it" in a robotic voice (my brother is so silly) and I said I'm not, it just smelled good.

Truth is I hadn't craved a cig for that split second since I quit smoking over 5 months ago like I did last night. Maybe it was the exhaustion from my eventful day, or the fact that I was so bored waiting in line, but it just goes to show it doesn't matter how long a person has been sober from the smoke- cravings still can pop up out of nowhere. I need to always be vigilant about this. I know many people who have quit for decades who have said they still fancy a cig every now and then. So it doesn't matter how long I'm quit, but how well I can manage things when a craving strikes.

I love this community. Helps me to share and journal my journey of getting healthier each passing day. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement. I'm still amazed at my daily success. God is good to me :)

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